illumino Lashes

About Us

An illumino eyelash extension is really a true definition when the process of one lash extension is glued onto one true natural eyelash. While keeping the glue not too far from the skin (less than1mm) and never actually touching the surface of the skin, all the while still pointing in the correct direction.

It is a true illumino lash when it is not noticeably unnatural to the naked eye. The key factor to illumino lashes and the difference in other competitors is the genuine quality of the products. Especially, how real the lashes look and the longevity of the extensions bond and grow out process. In addition, offering the best real-life, extensive, hands-on training to become a professional certified lash specialist.

We want to make sure that each eyelash extension is attached to one individual hair. The number of hairs on the upper eyelid can estimate anywhere between 70-150 lashes.

If your lash specialist is not placing each individual lash extension properly on the natural hair/lash, it could potentially break or prematurely cause the lashes to fall out. It is very important that the lash does not adhere to or be placed too close to the skin/eyelid that it will actually come to close to touching other tiny, fine, new, baby lashes.

Your lash specialist should be fully qualified to not interfere with the lashes growth cycle. The lasting effect of correcting the direction of the way for the lashes point, play an important role in creating an illusion of symmetry in each individual’s face. The number of a (full-set) of lash extensions is considered by illumino lashes to be above 60 individually perfectly placed extensions attached per eye, for a grand total of 120 or more.

Only available to State Board Licensed Professionals that are legally certified to service eyelash extensions in selected US States.