Customer Q&A’s

Customer Q&A’s

Can you curl the lash extensions or put mascara on them?

Lash extensions are not meant to be curled because the extensions are curlier than your natural lashes. The curler will actually crimp the lash extensions. The lashes come in a variety of curls from B, C, and D curl(s), from a semi-curl to the curliest. For example the D’s are almost circularly curled back. Yes, you can wear regular mascara (not waterproof mascara) with all Illumino products. But actually, you would not need to wear mascara if you tried Illumino lashes cause they are thicker than your natural lash. The diameters come in two thicknesses (.15 and .20) feels like wearing two to four coats of mascara.


How can I see product prices?

In order to see the prices, the licensed professional must register on the Illumino Lashes website for a log in code.

I want Eyelash Extensions! But I don’t know anything about them.

Sure what can we help you with? We would be glad to answer any of your questions about eyelashes and the extension process.

Will eyelashes extensions ruin my own natural lashes?

If the extensions are placed accurately and correctly, they should not damage your eyelashes. As long as the lash extensions are not too long, too thick & or heavy on the natural lashes. We want the natural lashes to grow out as naturally as possible with the extensions.

Here is an example of what improperly placed lash extensions can do damage to your lashes. If the lash extensions are glued onto two natural lashes then one lash maybe growing out faster than the other one and then they will prematurely pull the other lash out. That’s why we stress getting eyelash extensions from only certified professionals.

My natural lashes are straight and they droop so would you have to use less curly ones to match my natural lashes?

There are ways to make the eyelashes seem lifted, but it takes an advanced certified Lash Specialist to perform this service professionally. When the lash extensions are placed under the natural eyelash the extensions can lift up the lashes.

My lashes seem to not be growing as fast as before. Should I be using a lash conditioner while wearing eyelash extensions?

There are various causes for why natural eyelashes may not grow. It could be change of medication, hormones, internal health, diet, stress, and pulling/tugging while removing makeup or use of eyelash strips. If you feel like none of these apply to you and are still looking to try a lash conditioner, we would recommend using to the manufacturer’s directions. For your information: you can use Latisse or other eyelash conditioners with Illumino eyelash extensions at the same time.

I have been struggling with eyelash drama and some of my lashes are actually falling out and do not seem to be growing back at all. When I try to add mascara to them it looks silly because there are so many lashes missing. I would like to get super curled lash extensions. How long do they last?

Eyelash extensions can make limp, scarce, thin lashes any type of lashes 3 times thicker, fuller and longer lashes. The process enhances your natural lashes by placing and attaching one lash extension to one of the natural lashes one step at a time. Now, the lash extensions have to be attached to the natural lash so if there are gaps or missing lashes we can actually try filling those spots in by adding a side attachment instead of underneath the lash. We try to enhance the lashes by making them fuller and thicker to cover the gaps of missing lashes as much as possible. A full set of Illumino eyelash extensions can typically last up to 1-2 months since the lashes are always growing outward, its depends on the duration of your natural lash life cycle, make-up use, and cleansing routines.