About Us

When I began to develop our illumino curriculum, I focused on techniques and topics that I felt were lacking in the industry and everything is based on what I wish I had known as a new eyelash tech illumino lashes was born from a very simple desire: to expect excellence from the eyelash beauty industry and create a line of products that I felt proud to use. I promise to only share what I love working with!

While I was attending beauty college, I enrolled in an eyelash extension class. I left the class with too many products and no-clue about how to build my clientele. There was no guidance for me as a new lash technician. After a lot of practice on very patient friends, and family, I began to get more secure in my lash extension technique but still did not feel comfortable in charging clients for my services.

After several years in the industry, I ended up getting a teaching position with a national lash extension company. I began to travel all over the United States and I even became their first international teacher. But even with all of this experience, I felt that there was something missing in the eyelash industry. From these experiences, illumino was born.

Our illumino workshops cover all the basic information for new eyelash technicians need to begin confidently building their clientele and charging for services. We also share the secrets to creating the best client experience to keep them coming back for more! All illumino lash products are developed and designed to maintain the health of lash professional and client during and after services. I have been called a “lash perfectionist” and I promise to use my well-trained eye to continually source and develop the best quality products for the illumino lash line.

If you have any questions about my techniques, services, or products, please feel free to email me at info@illuminolashes.com!

I only want the best for my illuministas!

– Soo Jin