Eyelash curlers damage lash extensions by crimping them out of shape. However, all eyelash extensions have more pronounced curls than natural lashes, and they come in a range of curls (B being the least curly, C medium curly, and D the curliest).

While regular mascara (not waterproof) does not damage eyelash extensions, by choosing the lash diameter that’s right for you, you can eliminate the step altogether. 0.15mm diameter lashes have the thickness of two coats of mascara, while 0.20 mm lashes have the appearance of four coats of mascara.

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When eyelash extensions are placed accurately and correctly, they should not damage your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions mindfully fit to your natural lash length, width, and density will have no effect on the health of your eyelashes. The aim of the lash artist should always be to work in harmony with the natural growth of your eyelashes.

We emphasize the importance of getting the procedure done by licensed professionals, however, because long-term damage is possible with improper extensions.

With proper placement and curl variety, the lash artist can create a lifted look even on straight lashes.

There are many reasons for changes in the growth of your eyelashes. A decrease in growth could be caused by medication, hormones, internal health, diet, or physical stress you put on your lashes while removing makeup or using strip lashes. If none of these factors apply to you and you wish to try a lash conditioner, Latisse and other eyelash conditioners are compatible with Illumino lashes.

Side attachments to your natural lash can help to fill in breaks in your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions can make even limp and scarce natural lashes look lush and full.

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