4D Volume Lashes



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Attention to detail and hand crafted quality were sought out when creating these Premade Volume Fans.  They come as 4D volume lashes.. The short cut to volume lash services, they come in diameter 0.07 perfectly fanned out in bundles of four lashes and ready to attach to one natural lash. Very light weight and flexible than the average “cluster or flare” lashes since the base of the lash is very thin. Made for professional use only.

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C/D- Curls

C curl .07 x 8mm, C curl .07 x 9mm, C curl .07 x 10mm, C curl .07 x 11mm, C curl .07 x 12mm, C curl .07 x 13mm, D curl .07 x 8mm, D curl .07 x 9mm, D curl .07 x 10mm, D curl .07 x 11mm, D curl .07 x 12mm, D curl .07 x 13mm