Lynk Gel™

The world’s first LED-curable gel eyelash adhesive for stronger, faster, safer lashes.

  • Cures in 5 seconds when activated by Gel-Lys™
  • Extremely low vapor
  • Specially formulated for use around eyes
  • Creates lash retention up to 25% longer than conventional adhesive

Lynk Gel™ is only available for purchase by Gel-Lys™ Certified lash artists.
Each Gel-Lys™ Comprehensive Training package includes one free bottle of Lynk Gel™. 



Licensed Professionals and Beauty College students only

Only registered State-board Licensed Professionals can see prices and purchase our products.  Please apply for an account.

Only state board licensed professionals are legally certified to service eyelash extensions in selected US states, and internationally.

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Lynk Gel™, the world’s first LED-curable lash adhesive, bonds up to 25% longer than conventional lash adhesive. Lynk Gel™ is activated by the LED of the Gel-Lys™, polymerizing instantly to create a strong, flexible bond that tolerates water, oils, powerful makeup removers, and eye creams.

Lynk Gel™ is formulated especially for use around the eyes. In addition to photoinitiators, its proprietary blend includes cyanoacrylate; therefore, we do not recommend its use on clients with cyanoacrylate allergies.

  • Lynk Gel™ only cures upon activation by the illumino Gel-Lys™ (sold separately).
  • Only Gel-Lys™ Certified lash artists are eligible to purchase this adhesive. 

10 mL

Lasts two months after opening kept in a closed, airtight container in the fridge (subject to variations in storage).

Additional information

Weight 0.23 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in
Lynk Gel™

Lynk Gel™ 10 ml

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