Illumino® The Dahlia Adhesive Black 5mL



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The Dahlia Adhesive stands out for its fantastic retention and rapid set time. Our most fluid adhesive, Dahlia is ideal for Classic eyelash extensions.

  • Drying time: 3-5 seconds; Set time: 1-2 seconds
  • Optimal humidity: RH 45-65%
  • Best temperature: 71-77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Retention Time: 5-6 weeks

This rapid-drying adhesive blends seamlessly with natural lashes with no visible clumping. This adhesive remains flexible and lightweight while the extension is attached; unlike many adhesives it does not turn gummy or rubbery afterseveral weeks.

We recommend storing adhesive in an airtight container in a space lower than room temperature for longer shelf life and to prevent oxidation. Always avoid direct contact with the eye.

Illumino’s Dahlia Adhesive is recommended for purchase by experienced lash artists because it dries in less than 3 seconds.


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1 5mL Dahlia Glue -$69, 2 5mL bottles of Dahlia Glue -$119