Gel-Lys™ Client Aftercare Kit

You don’t have to repeat the aftercare instructions over and over again after a Gel-Lys service.

Just give a “Client Aftercare Package” to your clients and they have everything they need to take care of their beautiful lashes between appointments.

The package includes:

  • 50 Gel-Lys customer flyers (includes aftercare instructions)
  • 50 lash spoolies
  • 50 baggies for lash spoolies
  • 50 disposable cleansing brushes
  • 50 baggies for cleansing brushes

Full retail price of package: $118

  • Gift: 1 illumino black PVC bag

Please note: the products come in bulk, not individually packaged for customers.



Licensed Professionals and Beauty College students only

Only registered State-board Licensed Professionals can see prices and purchase our products.  Please apply for an account.

Only state board licensed professionals are legally certified to service eyelash extensions in selected US states, and internationally.

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Please note: the products come in bulk packaging, not individually prepared for customers.

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Aftercare Kit

Gel-Lys™ Client Aftercare Kit