Trifecta Kit

The Trifecta Kit includes the Lash Prep, the Retention Boost, and the Remover, in 15mL.
The 3 products are perfect and essential for preparing lashes and create a nice base before applying eyelash extensions.

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Prep: The Lash Prep is a primer that should be applied after the eyelashes are cleansed. It aids in long-lasting lash retention by gently balancing the pH of the lashes. Fortified blend uses rose extract to hydrate the lashes.

Retention Boost: Fortifies the bond of your adhesive by shortening set time. Prevents adhesive from absorbing excess moisture and keeps floating matter from obstructing the adhesive bond. Apply to the lash extension strips before application to activate adhesive bond.

Remover: This gel-based lash remover is recommended to be used on even ultra-bonding adhesives like Lynk-Gel® and other lash adhesives. The gel form ensures that no product runs into the eyes and removes eyelash extensions safely and damage-free. This remover is made to assist in dissolving the adhesive quickly.

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