Tweezer Tip-Mops

Your essential, gentle tool for cleansing & removal.

  • Gentle, porous material for teasing oily residue from hard-to-reach inner lash layers
  • Compatible with illumino Eyelash Prep and Glue Remover
  • Safely applies Barrier Cream to eyelids
  • Suitable for all tweezer varieties except those with thick feet (such as Boot or L-Shaped)
  • The versatile tool every lash artist needs. Flexible, lint-free, & hypo-allergenic.
  • Easily slide onto your favorite tweezer. Tweezer Tip-Mops fit snugly around any thin-footed tweezer. 
  • For gentle lash removal, Tweezer Tip-Mops can also be used with Lash Remover. 


Licensed Professionals and Beauty College students only

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Only state board licensed professionals are legally certified to service eyelash extensions in selected US states, and internationally.

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Our Tweezer Tip-Mops are one of a kind! These tweezer accessories wipe residue from hard-to-reach inner lash layers. They are compatible with illumino Prep and Glue Remover. Also recommended for use when applying the Barrier Cream.

The Tweezer Tip-Mops are currently patent-pending. This life-changing innovation will make eyelash cleansing way easier!

Customer Review: “I love illumino’s Tweezer Tip Mops: they’re perfect when I add too much glue or the client has a lot of build-up on just one lash. There’s no other product like it.”


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Additional Information
Weight 0.019 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 2.75 × 0.2 in

Pack of 50, Pack of 100

The Gel-Lys™ is now patented in Japan and USA***Gel-Lys™ Online***