illumino® Green Eye Gel Pads


Illumino Green Eye Gel Pads are custom-designed to maximize visibility for the lash artist and make more precise work possible. Providing a green backdrop below the client’s lashes, the gel pads play to the strength of the photoreceptors of the human eye, which can analyze the visual plane better when viewing green. Even the lightest blonde natural lashes are visible against this shade. We use the simplest possible formula, only hydrogel, glycerol, Vitamin C, and collagen, to make our Green Eye Gel Pads compatible with even the most sensitive skin types. The gel pads are thin, smooth, and fiberless and designed to fit the contour of the cheekbone. With their soothing ingredients, our gel pads will help your clients look and feel well-rested after lash application.


Extension application can be done safely and effectively using Illumino Lashes uniquely designed eye gel pads. This professional accessory protects your clients from tweezers and adhesive.


Our specially designed Eye Gel Pads come packed in a protective single use pouch. There are two (2) Eye Gel Pads per pouch. Very soft and thin to contour to the skin.


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The ideal stage for your tweezer work. Packed with vitamin C & collagen to revitalize client’s eyes. 

Their green color maximizes your visibility and makes your work more precise, while the thin, smooth, and fiberless design is comfortable for the client and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Now with one size and an extra slit in the bottom to perfectly contour your client’s face. If you find that they’re a little too long, we have also included a notch in the top that you can cut off to make them the same size as our previous medium size.


Customer Reviews:

“I buy Illumino’s Green Eye Gel Pads because they’re the best out there! They’re made specifically for lash artists and the green makes it easier to see the lashes.”

“I have a client who is very petite. On her inner eye I couldn’t make anything keep her bottom lashes down and out of my way. Then I remembered that I had some Illumino small Green Eye Gel Pads and Skinny Tape. Holy cow! Problem solved! I can’t believed I wasted 40 minutes struggling with this!”

“Green Eye Gel Pads lie perfectly every time I place them on any client eye.”



GEGP Medium

GEGP Large

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Additional Information
Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 4 × .75 in

1 pair, 10 pairs, 50 pairs, 100 pairs, 500 pairs

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