[In Person] Lynk-Gel® Method MasterClass – Las Vegas HQ


Learn Lynk-Gel and provide your clients with gel lashes that are safer, more comfortable, and provide the best retention! 


Make More Money per Service With a Stronger, Longer-Lasting Bond

  • Charge a premium for lashes with a powerful bond. Lynk-Gel lasts 20-25% longer than conventional eyelash adhesives.
  • Earn more money per service with better retention even though it takes less time overall.
  • Finally, take on more clients and expand the reach of your business. Do this by seeing each client less often, which opens your books up to new clients.


illumino Lynk-Gel® and Cleansing Kits will be provided on the training day.


The Full Lynk-Gel Student Kit includes:

*Short Batteries are not included and are provided for purchase separately. You must use IEC batteries to ensure proper consumer safety.


The Lynk-Gel Student Kit without Device includes:
  • Welcome Packet
  • Stylus Pen
  • Notepad


Student Cleansing Kit:


Model Aftercare Kit:


The Lynk-Gel Lash Method Training trains the lash artist to perform the following:
  • Consultation and consent form review before lash application
  • Infection prevention and skin analysis
  • Safety measures of the Lynk-Gel Method for healthy lashes
  • How to do a patch test using the Lynk-Gel Method for clients who have had sensitivities and reactions to other lash glues.
  • Choosing correct lash weight based on the client’s natural lashes
  • Preparing and cleansing eyelids and the brow area
  • Safely securing the lower eyelids with illumino Green Eye Gel Pads and tape
  •  Learn the Patented Lynk-Gel Method by practicing with the Patented Lynk-Gel Device and Adhesive
  • Attach at least thirty (30) lash extensions (either Classic, Volume, or Hybrid by student choice)
  • Safe removal with two methods of choice


Completing the Lynk-Gel Training officially certifies you and allows you to use the Lynk-Gel® Trademark.


Only registered State-board Licensed Professionals and Beauty College Students can see prices and purchase our products.
Please apply for an account or login.


Our Lynk-Gel Method training teaches you the newest innovative technique for applying gel eyelash extensions. These quality LED lashes last longer and are safer and more comfortable than extensions applied with traditional lash glue. They also save time because they can be applied faster and without stickies. This one-day Lynk-Gel Method training is only for advanced, professional lash artists–especially those who want to upgrade their lash extension game to the highest level.


Make More Money per Service With a Stronger, Longer-Lasting Bond

  • Charge a premium for lashes with a powerful bond. Lynk-Gel lasts 20-25% longer than conventional eyelash adhesives.
  • Earn more money per service with better retention even though it takes less time overall.
  • Finally, take on more clients and expand the reach of your business. Do this by seeing each client less often, which opens your books up to new clients.
  • Raise your prices, charge more per service, and make more money in less time!


What Comes With Your Lynk-Gel Method Training?

All of our trainings come with a Student Cleansing Kit and a Model Aftercare Kit. In-person Lynk-Gel Method trainings come with the option to purchase the Lynk-Gel Kit — our online eyelash extensions trainings require it.


What is in Your Lynk-Gel Eyelash Extension Training Course:

  • Safety
  • How to Achieve the Best Retention
  • Storing, Using, and Cleaning the Lynk-Gel Curing Device and Adhesive
  • Troubleshooting
  • Intake/Consent Forms
  • Allergies, Sensitivities, and Contraindications
  • Damage-Free Removal
  • Hands-On Practice
  • Cleansing and prepping your model/client
  • Applying Volume or Classic gel eyelash extensions using the Lynk-Gel Method
  • One-handed isolation, as well as how to work ambidextrously with precision
  • Small classes for individual attention


Unique Committed Mentorship
  • We offer support and guidance for the rest of your life
  • We also offer a private Facebook group you can join immediately. In this group, you will get to know our many professional illumino-certified artists. You will also get the drop on all our sales and new products–before anyone else!


Are There Prerequisites to Enroll?

Yes. Lynk-Gel Method training is an advanced technique we only teach to experienced, professional artists providing eyelash extensions. Furthermore, we do not go over the basics of applying lashes. Instead, we focus on how to use the Lynk-Gel LED curing device and Lynk-Gel adhesive. The Lynk-Gel Method training is only for lash artists with at least 6 months of experience applying eyelash extensions to clients.



Illumino Provides What You Need to Receive the Full Benefits of Your In-Person Training, Including:

*Provided for your use in class if you did not purchase the Lynk-Gel Kit

You are responsible for bringing your own lash extension model or paying for one to be provided. We recommend that you bring all of the lash supplies you use at your own practice so as to mimic your home working conditions, especially your lashes and tweezers. We do provide some items to test if you want to try our eyelash extensions, tweezers, eye gel pads, etc.



The Lynk-Gel Method Comprehensive Eyelash Extensions Training Covers the Following:

  • Classic & Volume eyelash extensions techniques with Lynk-Gel
  • Speed lashing with Lynk-Gel
  • Cleansing & safely securing upper and lower eyelids for application
  • Seamless Lynk-Gel eyelash extensions attachment, as well as product maintenance
  • Safe lash extension removal in two ways
  • Wrapping theory & method
  • Client consent & aftercare forms



Your Training Comes With the Following Materials:


Lynk-Gel Kit*

*Batteries are sold separately. You will need 2 10180’s to use the device. Our device is CE certified, but our batteries are not, which is why they are not included in the kit. You can either purchase through us, or through any other site that has the same specifications. You must use IEC batteries to ensure proper safety.



Student Cleansing Kit


Model Aftercare Kit

*If you first choose the in-person training option without Lynk-Gel Kit, you can purchase the
Lynk-Gel Kit separately from your initial purchase (during or after the training).


There Are Virtually No Fumes From Our Gel Adhesive, Transforming Your Client’s Eyelash Extensions Experience

  • Lynk-Gel adhesive cures instantly; in contrast, conventional eyelash glues take 24 hours to fully set. This instant curing time also reduces the fumes emitted by the adhesive.
  • With almost no fumes emitted by the Lynk-Gel lash extension adhesive, your client has less chemical exposure. As a result, they experience less red eye and tearing, less irritation, and fewer headaches. They often can’t even tell when you’ve begun application!
  • Less exposure to fumes may also reduce your client’s risk of developing sensitivity to eyelash extension adhesive over time.
  • With fewer adhesive fumes and a quicker dry time, there’s no need to fan or nanomist their lashes.



Client Testimonial

“With Lynk-Gel, I noticed my eyes weren’t red right after the service and the next morning I didn’t have any extra ‘sleepy crusts.’” – Nancy S., illumino eyelash extensions client (Lash Enthusiast for 12 years)



Method and Adhesive

  • Save Time Doing Eyelash Extensions With the Lynk-Gel
  • Increase your income and add even more clients to your books. Instant cure with the
    Lynk-Gel Method cuts application time; as a result, you will be able to place 20% more lashes with Lynk-Gel than in the same time with traditional glues – without stickies!
  • Eliminate “stickies”!
  • Curing adhesive instantly also means you can work faster. As a result, apply extensions to natural lashes, one immediately after the other, without lashes sticking together.
  • Check the security of the extension bonds on the natural lashes while not undoing your work. The instant cure of the Lynk-Gel adhesive allows you to manipulate the lash right after you attach it.
  • Create beautiful and consistent handmade volume fans that don’t close. Lynk-Gel makes your Volume application more consistent because you cure your volume fans immediately after you place them. As soon as the LED from the Lynk-Gel device hits the adhesive on the fan, its base freezes and its V-shape stays spread. Say goodbye to holding or manipulating your fans for longer periods of time so they set in place.



Purchase Requirements

To qualify for the purchase of any Lynk-Gel Method product, you must be a lash professional adhering to your state or country’s licensure standards for eyelash extensions. If your state or country does not require licensure for eyelash extensions, we ask to see a lash training certificate.

Esthetician or cosmetology students are not eligible. Must have at least 6 months minimum lash experience.

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 0.5 in
Class Dates

Sun, Nov 20, Sun, Nov 27, Sun, Dec 11, Sun, Dec 18, Sun, Jan 15, Sun, Feb 12, Sun, Mar 5

Model Source

illumino Provides Model, Student Brings Model

Device Option

Without Device, With Device

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