Da Tweezers

Our newest volume tweezer!

  • High quality, durable
  • Use it to pick up pre-mades easily or create your own volume fans

In Hawaii everthing is The…
TheBus (one word) Da Kine (means any kind like a whatchamacallit).
Ode to Landai who makes the most perfect volume fans using good Brow tweezers – introducing Da Tweezers!



Licensed Professionals and Beauty College students only

Only registered State-board Licensed Professionals can see prices and purchase our products.  Please apply for an account.

Only state board licensed professionals are legally certified to service eyelash extensions in selected US states, and internationally.


High-grade, corrosion-resistant steel provides resistance against air, fresh water, most chemicals and atmospheric conditions, and temperatures up to 650°C for high heat sterilization. Fine steel provides superior wear resistance and maintains the finest point on the market. Counter-balanced wing tip (Patent Pending) helps prevent hand fatigue.



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Additional Information
Weight 0.063 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 0.8 × 0.8 in

Da Tweezer

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