Professional Q&A’s

Professional Q&A

How much should I charge clients?

Seasoned lash artists can apply at least 120 extensions in less than 2 hours for a full set. At this experience level, we recommend you charge at least $250 for full sets. If you are a junior lash artist and cannot yet properly place 60 lash extensions on each side in two hours, we recommend charging half of the minimum senior rate, or $150.

What are the differences between synthetic eyelash extension and real animal mink eyelashes?

Real mink eyelashes are made from real mink animal fur, while our Faux Mink lashes are made from a synthetic fiber that mimics the texture of real mink. After speaking with a mink farmer ourselves, we learned the unfortunate truth that minks are harmed to create real mink lashes, as the animals won’t tolerate brushing.  We made the ethical choice to create synthetic extensions to imitate real mink fur and love the results — our Faux Mink lashes have a feather light body but more predictable curl than real mink.

How do you attach one individual eyelash extension to one natural eyelash?

Using your non-dominant hand, insert fine point tweezers into the lashes and isolate one lash. Pick up an eyelash extension from the base so that it faces the same direction as your hand. Dip the lash gently into the adhesive, so that its base is immersed more than halfway. Use your tweezers to hold apart the natural lashes while you place the lash extension on top, beside, or under the natural lash. Adhesive dipping and placement time should be under 60 seconds.

Can you curl the lash extensions?

Eyelash curlers damage lash extensions by crimping them out of shape. However, all eyelash extensions have more pronounced curls than natural lashes, and they come in a range of curls (B being the least curly, C medium curly, and D the curliest).

How do you become a certified illumino lash professional?

We offer thorough, hands-on courses in both Classic and Volume extensions. To be Illumino-certified, you must take one of our workshops and pass both written and practical exams.

Where can I view product prices?

Our prices are only visible to licensed professionals who have registered on our site. To access the full site, you must register and provide the necessary proof of licensure or training.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

While regular mascara (not waterproof) does not damage eyelash extensions, by choosing the lash diameter that’s right for you, you can eliminate the step altogether. 0.15mm diameter lashes have the thickness of two coats of mascara, while 0.20 mm lashes have the appearance of four coats of mascara.

Will eyelashes extensions ruin my own natural lashes?

When eyelash extensions are placed accurately and correctly, they should not damage your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions mindfully fit to your natural lash length, width, and density will have no effect on the health of your eyelashes. The aim of the lash artist should always be to work in harmony with the natural growth of your eyelashes.

We emphasize the importance of getting the procedure done by licensed professionals, however, because long-term damage is possible with improper extensions.

Can I wear mascara while wearing eyelash extensions?

Because eyelash extensions come in a range of diameters, it’s not necessary to wear mascara. To obtain a denser look, your lash artist may use a thicker diameter than your natural lash. If you still wish to wear mascara, we recommend a water-based variety. Waterproof mascara is not compatible with eyelash extensions because oil-based makeup removers used to remove it may loosen the eyelash adhesive’s chemical bond. Please refrain from wearing waterproof mascara, liquid eyeliner and or creamy eye shadow while you have eyelash extensions.

My natural lashes are straight and they droop so would you have to use less curly ones to match my natural lashes?

With proper placement and curl variety, the lash artist can create a lifted look even on straight lashes.

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