Professional Q&A’s

Professional Q&A’s

How much should I charge clients?

We suggest that there must be at least 120 extensions per full set in less than 2 hours(minimum of $250 for full sets). We would recommend charging half-price until you can properly place 60 Lash extensions on each side (left and right) which is a total of 120 lashes in less than two hours.

What are the differences between synthetic eyelash extension and real animal mink eyelashes?

Real mink eyelashes come from the animal. After doing extensive research and speaking to an animal mink farm owner, the animals are harmed and cannot be brushed due to the fact that they are wild creatures and cannot tolerate brushing. Synthetic eyelashes are processed to perform like real eyelashes. Most times the animal mink lashes each curl in different ways and cannot maintain the same curl. A synthetic mink eyelash has all the same curls due to the fact that they are manufactured in the exact same lot next to each other. (No animals were harmed in the process of making premium illumino eyelashes).

How do you attach one individual eyelash extension to one natural eyelash?

While using your dominant hand, place fine point tweezers into the lashes and isolate out one lash. Pick up using dominant hand, an eyelash pointing in the same direction and make sure you pick up far from the base as well. Next step would be to place the lash gently into the glue. You want it in more than half way and pull out with a good size ball of glue at the end of your extension. Using your non-dominant hand, find and hold apart the natural hair from the other hairs and place the lash extension on top, beside, or under the natural lash. The time between the glue dipping and the placement should be under 60 seconds.

How do you become a certified illumino lash professional?

We recommend that you practice eyelash extensions with the Ultra Bonding glue by Illumino for at least one month. Enroll into our Illumino lashes training course which are usually 8 hours, and  you must pass the practical and written exam provided by Illumino lashes for proper certification.

Can I wear mascara while wearing eyelash extensions?

Because eyelash extensions come in several different diameters, it’s not necessary to wear mascara. Your lash specialist may use a thicker diameter than your natural lash. If you want to wear mascara, you may want to choose to use water-based mascara. We don’t recommend waterproof mascara because the oil based makeup removers that are used to remove the mascara may also loosen the glue’s chemical bond. Please refrain from using any waterproof mascara, liquid eyeliner and or any creamy eye shadows.