Lynk-Gel® Method

What is the Lynk-Gel® Method?

The Lynk-Gel® device that uses a LED light to cure our special Lynk-Gel® adhesive was tested, found safe and approved by ACGIH, IEC, ANSI, ICNIRP, IES standards in 2020. 

The Lynk-Gel® Method is a patented technique using a gel curing device that bonds eyelash extensions instantly with a precision Light Emitting Diode (LED) by curing a photosensitive glue. Attached to your tweezers & activated by the flick of your finger, it seamlessly cures your attachments as you work. Compressing the 24-hour cure time of conventional lash adhesive into a few seconds, the Lynk-Gel ushers in a new generation of quality and efficiency to lash extensions. 

The curing device is created to work with the Lynk-Gel®  adhesive formulated for safe use around the eyes. The adhesive dries immediately when activated by the Lynk-Gel® device.

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Safe & Gentle


      • The flexible bond of the Lynk-Gel endures stronger & longer than conventional eyelash adhesive. Its superior attachments tolerate water, oils, powerful makeup removers and eye creams. With the Lynk-Gel, your clients can continue their favorite eye care routines without worry of compromising their lashes.

Safety and Comfort

      • The instant cure of the Lynk-Gel® drastically reduces the fumes emitted by eyelash adhesive. With virtually no fumes, the client and lash artist experience less respiratory irritation and fewer headaches. Your clients leave their lash appointments with less red eyes and fewer tears.
      • After months of research, we are proud to announce, illlumino Lynk-Gel curing device has been measured and evaluated for potentially hazardous radiant output in consideration of relevant provisions of ACGIH, IEC, ICNIRP, ANSI and IES specifications for exposure to ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared radiation. The device was evaluated for use around the eyes and surrounding skin. These highest standards, safety protocols, and ratings we received are recognized throughout the world.
illumino lashes gel lashes eyelash extensions Lynk-Gel Method is safe

“Detectible short-ultraviolet (UV-B or UV-C) and emissions at ultraviolet wavelengths below ~360 nm were not detectable. Near-infrared energy from the LEDs and the emitted far-infrared (thermal) radiant energy is insignificant. The blue-light photochemical hazard is relevant to visible LEDs.”

“The violet LED source in the Eyelash LED device – when used by a beautician according to intended-use and consistent with labeling – emits visible-ultraviolet light that is well below current guidelines for human exposure.”

“We, therefore, conclude that the Eyelash LED does not emit optical radiation that would exceed current ocular exposure limits for bright light to either the client or using beautician who follows intended use directions when applying applicable criteria. The only remaining concern would be the potential skin reaction to a client taking photosensitizing medications.” 


      • We also had the Lynk-Gel adhesive analyzed for ‘formaldehyde’ in an independent third party U.S. based laboratory and the results are “not detectable”. This test is used in many applications in both laboratory and clinical science. It is a common technique used in pharmaceutical development, as it is a dependable way to obtain and ensure product purity. 
      • We are proud that both the Lynk-Gel device and the lash adhesive are manufactured according to the highest QA practices here in the United States.
      • Lynk-Gel® is a registered trademark of illumino.


    • With its LED less bright than daylight, the Lynk-Gel is fully safe to operate near the closed human eye. In fact, many clients don’t even notice when you start application! Our gel Remover assists removal with zero damage to the natural lashes.

Superior Control

    • Never again be at the mercy of your environment. The Lynk-Gel LED cures consistently in any temperature and humidity conditions.

Amplified Artistry

    • The instant cure of the Lynk-Gel® glue freezes lashes as they are placed (damage-free), allowing you to create symmetrical designs with consistent lash direction. The instant cure also allows you to apply a lash immediately after working on its neighbor without worry of “stickies”.
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