Lynk-Gel Device

  • Safe

    Lynk-Gel is the first and only device in the world to be rated safe to ANSI RP-27 standards and the relevant provisions of ACGIH, IEC, ICNIRP, and IES specifications for exposure to UV, visible, and infrared radiation. The LED peaks in the visible light spectrum, above 400nm. It is not in the UV spectrum. It's also CE certified by a third party.

  • Ergonomic

    The Lynk-Gel device is small, comfortable, and lightweight. It will not add a lot of extra weight to your hand or cause discomfort for you while you apply lashes. Most tweezers are compatible with the Lynk-Gel device, and you will be able to use what is comfortable for you for isolation.

  • Comfortable

    The LED on the Lynk-Gel device is low-powered and pinpointed directly on the base of your client's lashes and onto the eye gel pad. It doesn't emit heat, and most clients can't even see the light when it's on with their eyes closed. It's the perfect for applying gorgeous, long-lasting lashes without interrupting lash naps.

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Why choose Lynk-Gel?

Lynk-Gel has many benefits for both the artist and the client. Longer lasting lashes, no more stickies, great for makeup wearers, amazing premade retention, and it's completely safe! Did we mention you can also charge more for your long lasting gel lashes?

Learn more about the benefits

Getting Started

We have two options to get you started upon your Lynk-Gel journey. You can get started with the Lynk-Gel Kit and teach yourself, or you can take one of our certified training options to get all of the hands-on help you need!

The World's first and only A.N.S.I. approved safe device for LED lash extensions

“Detectible short-ultraviolet (UV-B or UV-C) and emissions at ultraviolet wavelengths below ~360 nm were not detectable. Near-infrared energy from the LEDs and the emitted far-infrared (thermal) radiant energy is insignificant. The blue-light photochemical hazard is relevant to visible LEDs.”

“The violet LED source in the Eyelash LED device – when used by a beautician according to intended-use and consistent with labeling – emits visible-ultraviolet light that is well below current guidelines for human exposure.”

“We, therefore, conclude that the Eyelash LED does not emit optical radiation that would exceed current ocular exposure limits for bright light to either the client or using beautician who follows intended use directions when applying applicable criteria. The only remaining concern would be the potential skin reaction to a client taking photosensitizing medications.”

-Excerpts from the Lynk-Gel ANSI Safety testing report

Lynk-Gel Device FAQ

The Lynk-Gel device has been tested and found safe to use even at 1.5cm away from the eye.

Safety and Testing

Is the Lynk-Gel device safe?

Yes, the Lynk-Gel device is the only device that is certified safe by A.N.S.I. standards for radiation. It passes ANSI RP27 and IEC 62471:2006. It is also CE Certified by a 3rd party. The LED light is in the visible light spectrum, and is far below the amount of UV provided by nail gel lamps and other UV systems. The light emitted by the Lynk-Gel Device has a much lower radiance than sunlight.

Is the Lynk-Gel device UV?

The Lynk-Gel Device is completely safe for use by both artists and clients. It does emit very small amounts of UV, but it uses an L.E.D. that is completely in the visible light spectrum.

Testing has found that it is completely safe for use of artists and clients as long as they are not taking photosensitive medications or have known sensitivities to light.

Is the device the same as a nail lamp?

No. The Lynk-Gel Device is much less powerful than nail gel lamps. The Lynk-Gel Device output is 600 times less energy than a 60 watt nail gel lamp.

How do I know the Lynk-Gel device is safe?

Lynk-Gel is the only LED-cured gel eyelash extension method that has been extensively tested and found safe. Lynk-Gel has been tested to A.N.S.I. RP27, ACGIH, I.E.C., ICNIRP, and I.E.S. standards in 2020. It was found completely safe to use around the eyes and skin of both clients and artists. It has also been CE Certified as safe to use.

What is ANSI and why should I care?

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. It is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States. You can learn more about them on their website, here.

When and where was Lynk-Gel developed?

The product has been in development since 2012. The Lynk-Gel device and adhesive are both made in the USA.

How is Lynk-Gel different from other UV curing devices?

The Lynk-Gel Device is an LED curing, pinpointed light in the visible light spectrum. It has very lower power and a targeted light that won’t bother you or your clients. It is the only LED curing device that has been thoroughly tested and found safe to use around the eyes of artists and clients. It’s been tested to ANSI RP-27 standards, and has been CE certified as safe by a third party.

Both the Lynk-Gel Device and Adhesive are made by lash artists for lash artists in the US to ensure quality control. We want to make certain that both are made to the highest quality without imperfections, extra additives, or cheap knockoffs.

About UV

The Lynk-Gel Device emits very low levels of UV that are much less than being outside in the sun. If you are curious to learn more details about UV, what it is, and why it can be dangerous, please check out the following links.

About Blue Light of trying to explain all of the technical sides of light ourselves, please check out this link for more information about blue light and concerns you may have about it.

About LEDs and RP-27 Standards

If you’re concerned about LED lights and are curious about how they’re tested, please check out the following links.

What does CE Certified mean?

Being CE Certified means that your product has met the EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety.

You can find more information about CE Certification here.

Do I or my client need special protection?

No, the Lynk-Gel device does not require you to wear special glasses, or to put gel pads on your clients' lids to protect their eyes.

Use and Service

How do I use the Lynk-Gel device?

The Lynk-Gel Device is very simple and intuitive to use! We make certain that anyone who takes our training knows the device inside and out by the time they receive their certification.

  1. Turn off the device by clicking in the back switch.
  2. Remove your tweezers.
  3. Unscrew the back switch.
  4. Take the batteries out and recharge them.
  5. Put new batteries in with the positive side in first.
  6. Replace back switch.
  7. Slide in your favorite isolation tweezers.
  8. Operate as normal.

What kind of tweezers can I use?

The Lynk-Gel Device works with most tweezers. The magnet inside won’t work on certain tweezers that are coated, but they can be taped in place, and this is shown during the training.

In addition, some tweezers are too thick to fit into the Lynk-Gel Device. We can’t say for certain whether your tweezers will fit until you test them.

All illumino tweezers used for separation fit in the Lynk-Gel device, and don’t have a coating on them so they will work with the magnet.

How much does the Lynk-Gel device weigh? Is it comfortable?

The Lynk-Gel Device is very lightweight. It only weighs 1.1 oz with batteries! It has been designed by lash artists for lash artists to be comfortable for extended use with ergonomics in mind for long-term health.

Does the weight of the Lynk-Gel device strain the lash artist's hand?

If isolating properly (tweezer base resting on the brow bone and tweezer feet on eye pads), the Lynk-Gel device should not cause hand strain. The device is lightweight (32 grams) and its weight is evenly distributed across the isolation tweezer.

Pro Tip – Our wing-tipped tweezers are specifically designed to be ergonomic with the tip acting as a counterbalance to the tweezer.

I'm worried about dropping my device!

Don’t worry! The Lynk-Gel Device comes with a personal wrist strap that you can wear to keep the device from dropping, and also gives you a little extra control.

How is the Lynk-Gel device powered?

The device is powered by two small rechargeable batteries you can find here, or you can source your own.

How does the Lynk-Gel device work? Lynk-Gel Device is easily turned on with a quick press on the backswitch. With a tap on the silent touch activator, it will stay on for 6 seconds, which will cure the Lynk-Gel Adhesive. The Lynk-Gel Device is attached to your favorite isolation tweezers, allowing you to create easy and seamless lash applications.

You can se
e a walk-through video on our YouTube page here!

Will I feel heat from the LED?

No, the LED on the Lynk-Gel Device does not use enough power to radiate heat.

Will my client see the LED with their eyes closed?

No, most clients won’t even know that the LED is on. They can sleep peacefully throughout the service with no interruption from the Lynk-Gel Device.

Training and Purchase

Do I need to be trained and certified to purchase Lynk-Gel products?

You need to be properly licensed in your location of business and provide us with proof when you register on our website the first time. After that, you can purchase the Lynk-Gel Training or the Lynk-Gel Kit.

If you want to be fully Lynk-Gel certified, then you can take one of our Lynk-Gel Trainings. These trainings all include the Lynk-Gel Kit, a Student Cleansing Kit, a Model Aftercare Kit, Online Theory, Hands-On Training, and a Certificate. If you're certified, then you're able to be on our lash artist directory, join our Facebook certified group, get a discount on Lynk-Gel glue, and also get early access to sales.

Who can learn Lynk-Gel and how?

Lynk-Gel Masterclass Method training is open to anyone who has at least 6 months experience in applying eyelash extensions to clients. This is an advanced method which requires extensive knowledge of eyelash extensions and isn’t for someone just beginning. We will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in our method and show you how to troubleshoot any potential issues in the future.

If you're new to learning lashes, we also have Lynk-Gel Beginner classes that will teach you the fundamentals of lash extensions in a 2.5 day course while using the premium Lynk-Gel Method.

Do I need to be licensed to take a Lynk-Gel Training?

To qualify for purchase of the Lynk-Gel, you must be a lash professional adhering to your state or country’s licensing standards for eyelash extensions. If your state or country does not require a license for eyelash extensions, we ask to see a lash training certificate. Esthetician or cosmetology students are only able to take the Beginner's Lynk-Gel Training, but we will not allow you to purchase more glue until you provide us with your full state license.

Can I purchase Lynk-Gel without the training?

Yes! If you want to purchase the Lynk-Gel Kit without taking the hands-on course, you're welcome to. You will not be considered Lynk-Gel certified, nor get the additional perks.

Why is Lynk-Gel training only one day?

Our Masterclass training is for experienced lash professionals — it does not provide an introduction to eyelash extensions, but rather thorough coverage of how to use Lynk-Gel on live models.

The Beginner's Lynk-Gel Training is 2.5 days to learn all the basics of extensions while learning Lynk-Gel.

Are there international lash trainings?

At this time we offer regularly scheduled in person trainings at our Las Vegas location. We also offer online training for anyone who is unable to make it to Vegas.

Occasionally someone will host us outside of Las Vegas, and those special classes will be advertised and listed separately.

Additional Questions

Can I get insurance for Lynk-Gel?

Yes! While the cheap lamps from China are making insurance more of a challenge than previously, we are still able to say that you can procure insurance for Lynk-Gel from Hiscox. Please reach out to them for a quote!

For our Students across the Pond in the UK, we recommend INSYNC. Please email your name and contact number to for more information on insuring your Lynk-Gel Service.

I'm having an issue with my device that isn't listed here.

Of course in a general FAQ, we can only answer some of the more basic questions everyone has. If you have a question not covered here, please reach out to us! We answer questions all the time and we’re happy to help you with any problems or questions you may have. We’re proud to offer lifelong support to any of our students and customers. We care about your practice and success!