• Clean and Clear

    Lynk-Gel is made with only 3 ingredients here in the USA to ensure high quality and clean glue. It's also a clear glue with no pigments, which we teach you how to work with in our training if you're new to clear glues.

  • Fast-Drying and Easy to Use

    When exposed to the LED of the Lynk-Gel device, the glue will fully cure in 2-6 seconds. This means that it has no temperature or humidity requirements. It makes stickies a thing of the past.

  • Comfortable and Long-Lasting

    The Lynk-Gel glue is soft and flexible, which is more comfortable for your client. It also has virtually no fumes from the fast cure, and lasts at least 25% longer than traditional lash glues.

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Why choose Lynk-Gel?

Lynk-Gel has many benefits for both the artist and the client. Longer lasting lashes, no more stickies, great for makeup wearers, amazing premade retention, and it's completely safe! Did we mention you can also charge more for your long lasting gel lashes?

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Getting Started

We have two options to get you started upon your Lynk-Gel journey. You can get started with the Lynk-Gel Kit and teach yourself, or you can take one of our certified training options to get all of the hands-on help you need!

What Do I need to do Lynk-Gel Lashes?

You may be surprised to learn that you have most of the materials you need to provide your client with luxurious Lynk-Gel lashes already. If you're curious about what else you need, take a look at our guide!

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Sensitivities and Compatability

I'm allergic to cyanoacrylate. Will Lynk-Gel work for me?

We do not recommend Lynk-Gel lashes to anyone with a known and tested cyanoacrylate allergy. In addition to photoinitiators, the Lynk-Gel® formula contains cyanoacrylate. While the instant cure allows for radically less vapors to be emitted, some exposure may still occur.

However, if you are just sensitive, you may still be able to get Lynk-Gel lashes if you try a patch test first which is covered in our training.

How come some people who are sensitive to traditional lash glues can get Lynk-Gel lashes?

We have a more than 50% success rate with clients who had previous allergies or sensitivity to traditional lash glues. One reason is that in some cases, the clients are not allergic to the cyanoacrylate but to the stabilizers in the glue.

Our Lynk-Gel has different stabilizers than traditional adhesives, which may also potentially lessen the chance of an allergic reaction.

Also, with the Lynk-Gel being cured almost instantly with the LED, there is very little exposure to the glue, reduced red eyes, and no tears or stinging in the shower.

Is Lynk-Gel glue the same as nail gel glue?

No. The Lynk-Gel Adhesive is a special formula safe to use for eyelash extensions. It is designed to cure in the visible light spectrum and will not cure nail gel glue. Nail gels require a much stronger output that is dangerous for skin and eyes.

Can I use my own glue with the Lynk-Gel Method?

No, the Lynk-Gel only activates LED-curable adhesives, such as our Lynk-Gel adhesive. Lynk-Gel adhesive has only been tested for use specifically with our device. We do not recommend using other devices to cure the Lynk-Gel glue, or using the Lynk-Gel device to cure other glues.

Can I use the Lynk-Gel glue without the Lynk-Gel device?

No, the Lynk-Gel Method requires using the Lynk-Gel Device to cure Lynk-Gel Glue. The Lynk-Gel adhesive contains cyanoacrylate and will therefore slowly dry without an LED, but it will not be safe or comfortable. Without using the device, the adhesive will cure in a manner similar to a traditional adhesives, but the adhesive does not have the benefits of reduced vapors or increased control.

Can I use any lash extensions with Lynk-Gel?

Yes, Lynk-Gel is compatible with all conventional eyelash extensions in both Classic and Volume methods. We recommend that you bring your favorite lashes and premades to the training to work with them.

The only lashes that will not work with Lynk-Gel are EZ fans, and we do not recommend the pinching method if you make your own fans.

Where is the Lynk-Gel glue made?

Both the Lynk-Gel Glue and Device are made right here in the USA!

Is there formaldehyde in the Lynk-Gel glue?

The Lynk-Gel glue has been tested and found to have no traces of formaldehyde in it using an HPLC Analysis.

Retention and Use

Why make a gel adhesive?

Conventional lash adhesives stay in liquid form longer. The Lynk-Gel® is in a liquid state while bottled, but when activated by light, its molecules form a strong, polymerized, cross-link network. The formula was developed to control when polymerization happens and the speed of drying without spiking heat (as takes place with nail gel curing). The gel form of the glue is softer and more flexible than traditional adhesives. This makes it more comfortable to wear and longer lasting as the glue will bend without cracking and breaking as a traditional adhesive would.

Unlike off-the-shelf nail gels, Lynk-Gel® is a cyanoacrylate-based glue that is LED curable.

Why make an LED curable adhesive?

As a lash artist, we try to control all of the environment around us. While this can be possible in your own studio with all of your own equipment, it can be very difficult to control outside of that. Using an LED Adhesive removes the need to worry about several of these factors and give you more control in all environments.

What is the consistency of Lynk-Gel glue?

The Lynk-Gel Adhesive is similar to traditional glues in viscosity. The glue is thin and runny when you are working with it. It's called a 'gel glue' because it goes from soft to hard.

Is it easy to use the Lynk-Gel glue?

Lynk-Gel Adhesive is very easy to work with! However, it is a clear glue which means that it’s difficult to see, which does have a slight learning curve. We go over the best way to use it in the training.

What are the temperature and humidity requirements?

None! Lynk-Gel will set and fully cure in any climate and humidity. Lynk-Gel will work in any temperature and humidity. Since the glue is drying with the LED light instead of with heat and humidity, it means that worrying about your environment is a thing of the past!

We do still recommend using a small handheld heater after the service to make sure that the glue is fully cured (as it is still a cyanoacrylate based glue, it will help finish curing anything that was missed with the LED).

However, the humidity and temperature does affect the frequency at which the gel bead needs to be changed. Similar to conventional lash glue, higher humidity and temperature means the Lynk-Gel dries out faster in its glue ring or tile. It is highly recommended not to place Lynk-Gel on any paper tapes or certain plastics.

Is Lynk-Gel retention better than using traditional glues?

Lynk-Gel retention is 20-25% longer than conventional extension retention. You will be amazed to see the grow-out on your client’s inner and outer corners when they come back for their fills.

Pro Tip – Combine Lynk-Gel with our Stabilizer for even longer retention and faster drying speeds!

How often should my client come in for fills?

Clients can continue their normal fill schedule, or push it back a week or two, due to the healthy shedding of natural lashes. You may also need to remove more outgrowth, as Lynk-Gel retention is generally two to three weeks longer than that of conventional lash extensions. Because of this, you can charge more, see more clients, or have more time for yourself.

Can I increase what I charge for Lynk-Gel lashes?

Yes, Lynk-Gel improves lash retention, increasing the value of your service. We highly recommend it and will go over tips and techniques of how to raise your prices in our training.

How do you remove Lynk-Gel lashes?

You can remove Lynk-Gel lashes at any time either by using the pop-and-peel method or applying Remover with Tweezer Tip-Mops. Our training covers removal extensively.

Longer, Stronger, Faster

What makes Lynk-Gel lashes stronger and last longer?

Conventional cyanoacrylate adhesives slowly dissolve when exposed to heat or water; Lynk-Gel cured lashes, however, produce a more flexible, stable bond that can withstand heat and water better than the conventional lash adhesive. Because the glue is more flexible, it’s more comfortable for your client and will bend and move with the extension instead of becoming brittle and cracking off as a traditional adhesive would.

What makes Lynk-Gel cure faster than traditional adhesives?

Lynk-Gel adhesive contains photoinitiators that react with the LED from the Lynk-Gel Device, creating an instant cure.

Is Lynk-Gel faster to apply?

With practice, you can shave up to 30mins off your service time. The instant cure of Lynk-Gel allows you to work on lashes side-by-side without worry of stickies. With the adhesive fully polymerized in a few seconds, the lash artist doesn’t need to wait for drying to begin working around the lash and can work continuously without moving their isolation hand around.

Is Lynk-Gel glue fully cured when exposed to the LED or does it need further dry time?

The Lynk-Gel dries completely when exposed to the LED. However, we recommend a last pass over with a mini heater to make sure everything has set. Conventional cyanoacrylate adhesives take time to dry, slowly evaporating and emitting vapors which cause irritation. We review this in our training.

Clients and Care

Can I get my lashes wet right after a lash service?

Yes, Lynk-Gel bonded lashes are waterproof and you may shower, swim, or sweat right after your service without losing your lash extensions.

Can I use mascara and makeup remover with Lynk-Gel lashes?

Yes, but we recommend you use a gentle eye cleanser with a cleansing brush daily to keep your lashes clean. We don’t recommend massaging with wipes because they can catch on your lashes and ruin your retention.

Can I use oil based makeup removers with Lynk-Gel?

Yes! During the training you’ll learn the proper way to use makeup removers with Lynk-Gel. Please remember not to use wipes or clean in a way that will pull your lashes.