You can learn our amazing, patented Lynk-Gel Method to apply gel eyelash extensions from the comfort of your very own home – or studio in a 1-on-1 private training. Once you purchase the training, we work with you to set up a date and the rest of the process is communicated very clearly until you’re certified!

Once you’re certified you will be allowed to use our patented method, purchase new Lynk-Gel materials, and show your clients that you are Lynk-Gel certified. Our online training first requires you to be approved by our trainer by sending in several pictures and videos (details on our Online Lynk-Gel Training product page). Once you have been approved, you can purchase the training, and we will work with you to set a customized date and time.

Included In Your Online Training

  • illumino Lynk-Gel Student Kit
  • illumino Student Cleansing Kit
  • illumino Student Model Aftercare Kit
  • Certificate of Completion Mailed to You (after the 3 Lynk-Gel case studies submitted after your hands-on training are approved)
  • All shipping and handling required for the training materials.
  • Additional and ongoing support for the rest of your career as a lash artist.
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Online Media Requirements

To be approved for our online Lynk-Gel Method training, you first must submit the following required photos and videos for review. 9 videos and 12 photos total, all listed in their own section below.

Download the List Here

Close-Up Videos (Macro)

  1. Placing on the eye pads
  2. Stretching the eyelid with tape (if you use that technique)
  3. Isolation and separation of the inner, middle, and outer lashes
  4. Glue dipping and how much you pick up
  5. Placement of lash extensions and the distance from skin
  6. Removal of lashes using a remover product and remover applicator
  7. Removal of a lash extension using tweezers only (no remover product)

Further Away Videos (Not Macro)

  1. Cleansing and rinsing of the eyelids (include a shot of your lash set-up)
  2. Isolation and separation of lashes to see how you hold and use your

Close-up Photos (total of 12)

  1. Before and After. Close-up photos of each eye open and closed (left and right) – 8 photos
  2. Before and After. Both eyes opened and closed showing entire face – 4 photos

We recommend waiting until all of your photos and videos are reviewed before purchasing the training.