Beauty Students

If you are a beauty student and you’re interested in either taking a training from us or ordering some products,

You can register for an account as a beauty student. This account will have all of the permissions and use a full account would, but we’ll put a 6 month timer on it and reconnect at the end of that period. Then you can provide us either your graduation and official license, or we can deactivate your account if you’ve decided this isn’t the career for you.

We’re happy to accept beauty students into illumino!

Our [In person] Beginner’s Lynk-Gel® 2.5-Day Lash Training will get you started along your lash journey. 

When you register for an account

Just say what school you’re going to and provide us with a picture of your school ID where it asks for a picture of your certificate/license. We’ll verify you go to that school and then we can activate your account.

Once your account is activated, you’ll be able to purchase products and register for trainings from us like normal. However, we won’t send you your certificate for any trainings you finish with us until after we receive your official state licensing.