Making Your Lash Life Easier

illumino was founded in 2007 by an experienced lash artist who became addicted to creating different lash sets and growing a successful business helping other artists. With her passion for lashes, Soo-Jin wanted her to share her love with like-minded artists! She wanted to pass on her knowledge and expertise to fellow lash artists, as well as her failures and how to avoid them. Her favorite part of the training is the hands-on practical. There is no shortcut to applying damage-free lashes! illumino also has a focus on providing innovative and quality products that solve the problems lash artists face every day. Be it cleansing, retention, comfort, or other issues such as business operations, illumino will always be right alongside you as your lash business grows. With over 15 years of experience doing lashes, illumino is a brand by lash artists made for lash artists to help support and elevate their artistry.

Soo-Jin's Story

What drives illumino’s founder?

Soo-Jin is passionate about helping lash extension artists, most of whom are women, to grow professionally and build lucrative careers. She also implements the highest safety standards for herself, her work, and those who are working around volatile chemicals and tools. “I want to help elevate the profession,”

Education is paramount. Seeing people, I’ve trained succeed and expand their business opportunities is so rewarding and inspires me to find other ways to help them.” – Soo-Jin Yang

Why illumino?

“I started illumino because I love helping artists succeed and want to teach them how to care for themselves and become healthy, successful, long-term lash artists. I want to provide my students the tools to become better than anyone before them.”

We provide the tools and education to make clients look and feel good, knowing that they have received the best possible service they could have. We provide exceptional training and innovative products to make your lash life easier. By offering Lynk-Gel training, we offer you the chance to offer your clients this premium service and give you an edge on your competition.

“I love doing lashes, they’re like a video game to me. I want to attach a lash to every one and get to the next level!” - Soo-Jin Yang

illumino's values

Earliest Inspiration

Growing up in a family with Korean-immigrant parents, navigating a world with a new language, customs, and opportunities gave Soo-Jin a deep empathy toward others who are striving to succeed. One of her childhood memories is drifting asleep to the “clackety click clack” of her mom practicing typing on a brand-new typewriter preparing for a job interview that would become her mother’s place of employment for over 30 years. This sound came to symbolize a melody of hope and aspiration to Soo-Jin. Her mother’s persistence and belief in her ability to learn meant good things for the family’s future.

An industry pioneer and advocate for beauty professionals

Soo-Jin wants to help and shape the young lash extension industry. She does so with her innovations, which have established her as an industry pioneer and leader. In order to do her best work for clients and to protect herself, trainees and clients from muscle strain and excessive fumes, Soo-Jin created several new industry products specific to extensions. She is still helping shape the rules and regulations of the lash world as she desires to see lash extensions being done safely and smartly.

What’s next for illumino® and Soo-Jin

With illumino recently relocating to the Las Vegas location, they have their eyes on bringing even more students in from afar to come learn Lynk-Gel lashes and take their training, whether it’s an advanced training or beginner’s classic training with Lynk-Gel. We’ll be providing trainings and services in our Vegas HQ while still working on providing newer and better inventions by lash artists, for lash artists. Soo-Jin never stops thinking about new things that can help artists, and is constantly developing something new to see what is helpful for new and old artists alike.