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Classics are the foundation of all lash work. Once you have some experience, along with your lash certification, you can confidently expand into doing other types of lashes. Start learning Classic Lash Extensions with Lynk-Gel! Lynk-Gel is the best way to apply extensions on the market today – safer, faster, stronger!

Each training we offer comes with everything you need to start doing lashes, including your Student Kit, a Student Cleansing Kit and a Model Aftercare Kit. All trainings at illumino come with an official certification after you pass the course.

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Classic Lash Training with Lynk-Gel

Looking to kickstart your career in classic lash extensions? Beginner’s Lynk-Gel Training is the course for you! Our comprehensive 2-day in-person training covers everything you need to know to get started with classic lash extensions using Lynk-Gel, the innovative adhesive that’s revolutionizing the industry.

At Beginner’s Lynk-Gel Training, we provide you with a student classic kit, student cleansing kit, and model aftercare kit – everything you need to do Lynk-Gel with confidence. Our master lash trainer will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right lashes to applying them with precision and care. You’ll learn the latest techniques for creating beautiful, natural-looking lashes that will leave your clients feeling confident and gorgeous.

Our Beginner’s Lynk-Gel Training is designed to be in-depth and comprehensive. We offer small class sizes to ensure personalized attention from our instructors, and our 2-day in-person format means you’ll be able to complete the course quickly and start applying your new skills right away.

At Beginner’s Lynk-Gel Training, we are committed to providing the highest-quality classic lash training in the industry. Our instructor is an expert lash artist with years of experience, and we use only the finest materials and equipment to ensure that you get the best possible results.

We focus on teaching through hands-on troubleshooting while working with mannequin heads and live models. You will gain invaluable practice and experience with safety and fundamental eyelash procedures. Learn custom lash designs, mapping, ergonomic techniques, lash removals, and much more!

So if you’re ready to take the first step towards a successful career as a lash artist, sign up for Beginner’s Lynk-Gel Training today! With our comprehensive training and included kits, you’ll have everything you need to start creating beautiful, natural-looking lashes that will leave your clients feeling their best.

Lynk-Gel Specialties

  • Save time doing eyelash extensions with Lynk-Gel’s instantaneous drying time.
  • Increase your income and add even more clients to your books.
  • Speed lashing with the Lynk-Gel Method
  • Cleansing & safely securing upper, as well as lower eyelids with gel pads and tape
  • Seamless Lynk-Gel eyelash extensions attachment, as well as product maintenance
  • Safe and damage-free lash extension removal with and without product.
  • Eliminate “stickies”! – curing the adhesive instantly also means you can work faster. As a result, apply extensions to natural lashes, one immediately after the other, without lashes sticking together.
  • Pull your lashes! Do a pull test to check your bonds while not undoing your work. Using the Lynk-Gel adhesive allows you to manipulate the lash right after you attach it without it popping off.
More About Lynk-Gel

About Your Training

Learn Lash Theory

All of our trainings come with a Student Cleansing Kit and a Model Aftercare Kit.

Classic Course Curriculum
  • Critical lash theory
  • Product knowledge
  • Hands-on training with a live model
  • Client intake and lash consultations
  • Ergonomic techniques
  • Safe lashing  procedures
  • How to apply a patch test with lashes
  • New set and refill lash applications
  • Lash Designs for different clients’ eyes
  • How to create a customized lash map
  • Preparing the lashes & cleansing
  • Find the perfect tweezers for your hands
  • How to apply eye gel pads correctly
  • Troubleshooting, tips, and tricks
  • Marketing ideas and suggestions
  • How to competitively and fairly set menu prices
  • Damage-free safe removal
  • How to get faster at applying lashes
  • The do’s and don’ts of lashing
  • Liability and how to protect yourself
  • illumino Certification after passing practical and written review

Classic Lash Training With Committed Mentorship

  • Access to illumino’s unique offer of not only support, but also
    guidance on eyelash extension application techniques, adhesive, and much
    more for the rest of your lash career. 
  • We also offer
    access to a private Facebook group you can join immediately
    upon certification. In this group, you will get to know our many
    professional illumino-certified artists. You will also get the drop on
    all our sales and new products – before anyone else!

Who should take our Classic Lash Training with Lynk-Gel?

We recommend our classic lash training to anyone who is fascinated by eyelash extensions and the beauty industry, and also wants to be able to make their own hours or earn a six-figure salary. A career as a professional certified lash artist is rewarding. You can help people look their best as well as work for yourself while earning a good income.

By starting with Lynk-Gel, you’ll never have to worry about your temperature, humidity, or an environmental factors traditional glue needs to take into account.

Are there Prerequisites to Enroll in this Classic Lash Training?

There are no prerequisites for this classic lash training certification! Only your legal local requirements for applying lash extensions. This is our fundamentals course on how to apply Classic using Lynk-Gel and begin learning this art form. Classic eyelash extension training is without a doubt the perfect way to start your career as a certified lash artist. Starting off with Lynk-Gel will give you an edge on your competitors and allow you to provide the best retention in the safest and fastest manner.

Start Learning Classic Lashes the Right Way

In this course, we will help you start your lash certification journey by showing you how to apply Classic eyelash extensions the correct way, using Lynk-Gel! This training comes with all of the theory, practice, and knowledge you will need to start doing Classic Eyelash Extensions. We'll also teach you what to do if (and how to deal with) any issues arise. Even after you graduate from our training, no matter if it's ten days or ten years, we'll always be here to help you succeed. Additional details and available dates are on our training product page.