• Safer

    Instant dry time means that there won't be extra vapors or discomfort caused by drying glue. Not only safer, but more comfortable!

  • Faster

    With Lynk-Gel lashes your cure time is instantaneous so you can wear makeup and get them wet immediately after your service.

  • Stronger

    Lynk-Gel uses a gel glue and is much more flexible than traditional glues. Lashes last up to 25% longer than traditional glues.

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  • Lynk-Gel Method

In technical terms, it's a chemically minimized system for time reduced application of eyelash extensions.

Is it Safe?

We are the world's first and only LED curing device for eyelash extensions that is ANSI rated as safe! The Lynk-Gel device uses an LED light to cure our special Lynk-Gel adhesive. It was tested, found safe and approved by ACGIH, IEC, ANSI, ICNIRP, IES standards in 2020. The Lynk-Gel LED device has been extensively tested and found safe by ANSI with their RP27 testing, that measures photobiological hazards from UV devices. Our device was classified as 'exempt' in their risk group, which indicates that the lamp/LED does not pose any photobiological hazards.

Lynk-Gel in Action

The Lynk-Gel® Method is the world’s first and safest patented technique using a gel curing device that bonds eyelash extensions instantly (cures in less than 6 seconds!) with a precision Light Emitting Diode (LED) by activating a photosensitive glue. Your tweezers are attached to the device & it is activated by the flick of your finger. It seamlessly cures your attachments as you work. Compressing the 24-hour cure time of conventional lash adhesive into a few seconds, Lynk-Gel ushers in a new generation of quality and efficiency to lash extensions.

The curing device is created to work with the Lynk-Gel adhesive formulated for safe use around the eyes. The adhesive dries immediately when activated by the Lynk-Gel device. Take a look at the Lynk-Gel instantly drying in real time! The glue starts as shiny, and you can watch it turn matte as it dries. (We used extra glue and kept the lash far from the base for the purpose of showing this, which is why we double cured – or turned the light on twice)

Watch Lynk-Gel Work


The World's First LED Lash Extension Method

About Lynk-Gel

Lynk-Gel is a game-changing product that has transformed the world of eyelash extensions. This exclusive formula, invented by master lash artist Soo-Jin Yang, offers a range of benefits that set it apart from other lash extension techniques.

First and foremost, Lynk-Gel is designed to be gentle on natural lashes, minimizing the risk of damage or breakage. This is achieved through a unique gel-based formula that adheres to the natural lash without weighing it down. Unlike traditional lash extension methods that use glue or adhesive, Lynk-Gel is gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive eyes, though it might not work for all clients with known allergies.

In addition to being gentle, Lynk-Gel is also incredibly durable. With proper care, lashes applied using this technique can last for up to 20-25% longer, without any need for touch-ups or maintenance. This makes it a popular choice among busy professionals who want to look their best without sacrificing time or convenience. We have even seen clients come back after 12 weeks with lashes still on – but not a full set.

Another key benefit of Lynk-Gel is its versatility. The technique can be used to create a range of different lash styles, from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations. Whether you’re looking for a natural, everyday look or something more dramatic for a special occasion, Lynk-Gel can deliver the perfect results.

Finally, Lynk-Gel is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. The lightweight formula feels natural on the lashes, and the unique application method ensures that there is no discomfort or irritation during the process.

In summary, Lynk-Gel is a revolutionary product that offers a range of benefits, from gentle application to long-lasting results and versatile styles. If you’re looking for a high-quality lash extension technique that delivers exceptional results, Lynk-Gel is the perfect choice.

The world’s first LED-curable eyelash adhesive for stronger, faster, safer lashes.

  • The Lynk-Gel Method uses a gel curing device that instantly bonds eyelash extensions using Lynk-Gel adhesive. The curing device attaches to your lash tweezers and aims a precise Light Emitting Diode (LED) at the base of the individual lash. Activated by the flick of your finger, it seamlessly cures the lash gel adhesive as you work. With its LED less bright than daylight, in the visible light spectrum, and not UV, the Lynk-Gel device is fully safe to operate near the closed human eye.
  • The instant dry time of the Lynk-Gel makes lash extensions faster and safer for both you and your client. Compressing the 24-hour cure time for conventional lash glue into a matter of seconds, the Lynk-Gel sets a new standard of efficiency and quality for lash attachments. Reducing adhesive set time makes lash extensions become virtually fume-free, dramatically lowering the risk of irritation and watery or red eyes.
  • illumino’s Lynk-Gel creates a lash bond with unprecedented strength. Better retention saves your clients time coming in for fills, elevating their customer experience and increasing the value (and price) of your service.
  • Our Lynk-Gel is manufactured in the U.S. and shipped chilled to maintain freshness. Its special formulation is certified safe for use in the E.U.
  • The Lynk-Gel Method is patented in Japan, the United States, Vietnam, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and more. The device and the adhesive are manufactured in the United States.

Quick Facts About Lynk-Gel LED LAshes

  • Made in the USA
  • Lynk-Gel Glue cures in 5 seconds when exposed to the Lynk-Gel Device
  • Extremely low vapor
  • Stronger, Safer, and Faster than traditional adhesives
  • Specially formulated for use around the eyes
  • Gives at least 25% longer lash retention than traditional adhesives
  • Can remove with lash remover. We recommend a gel-based remover that doesn’t run. Depending on how long the lashes have been on, you may have to leave the remover on longer.
  • You can remover Lynk-Gel Lashes using traditional methods, but you may have to crack the glue first with a footed tweezer, or da tweezer.
  • We are proud that both the Lynk-Gel device and adhesive are manufactured according to the highest QA practices here in the United States.
  • Lynk-Gel® is a registered trademark of illumino.

    We had the Lynk-Gel adhesive analyzed for ‘formaldehyde’ in an independent third party U.S. based laboratory and the results are “not detectable”. This test is used in many applications in both laboratory and clinical science. It is a common technique used in pharmaceutical development, as it is a dependable way to obtain and ensure product purity.

How Does Lynk-Gel Work?

  • The device’s LED turns on with a flick of your finger and stays on for a few seconds to cure the Lynk-Gel Glue. Lynk-Gel glue cures in less than 6 seconds! Your lash tweezers can easily be removed from your device to be disinfected and sterilized.
  • We created a gel adhesive to control the speed of polymerization of the lash adhesive. Conventional lash adhesives stay in liquid form longer in lower humidities and temperatures, meaning the glue dries slower. Lynk-Gel is in a liquid state while bottled, but when activated, the Lynk-Gel molecules form a strong, polymerized, cross-link network in any working environment.
  • Lynk-Gel is compatible with traditional lash cleansers. Cleanse lashes well with a Disposable Cleansing Brush to remove debris before application.
  • Lynk-Gel does not break down in oil or water; however, it can still be removed with Adhesive Remover.
  • Lynk-Gel will set and fully cure in any climate and humidity. The humidity does, however, affect the frequency at which the gel dot needs to be changed (similar to conventional lash glue, higher humidity means the working bead of Lynk-Gel dries out faster in your glue ring or glue well). It is highly recommended not to use any tape under the Lynk-Gel.
  • The adhesive shelf-life averages 30-45 days after opening.

What Equipment Do I Need for Lynk-Gel?

Lynk-Gel can be done with most of what you already have! You only need a few specialized tools, most of which come in your Lynk-Gel Kit!

Feel free to click the infographic picture to learn a little bit more about what’s needed to do Lynk-Gel in our blog post!

* These items are not required, but highly recommended.

Is Lynk-Gel Safe for Sensitive Clients or Allergies?

  • Lynk-Gel is gentler on you and your client, and as such, can sometimes be used on clients who have had previous sensitivities to glues.
  • We have seen about a 50% success rate with Lynk-Gel for those who have had sensitivities to traditional lash glues in the past.
  • Clients have found out that it may not be the cyanoacrylate that they were allergic to or having a reaction to, but instead was the stabilizers inside of the glue. Lynk-Gel only has three ingredients inside of it, which makes it much less likely for your clients to have a reaction.
  • Lynk-Gel doesn’t have extra stabilizers inside of it, and so it must be kept refrigerated at all times, other than your working bead.
  • Because Lynk-Gel glue is fully cured in 2-6 seconds, the vapors from the glue are virtually nonexistent. This means less bothering your client’s eyes, but also your respiratory system. We have had artists switch to Lynk-Gel who would have had to give up being a lash artist because of complications brought on by traditional adhesives.
  • Lynk-Gel is a cyanoacrylate based glue, and those with allergies to cyanoacrylate confirmed by their doctor should still not get Lynk-Gel lashes.
  • Clients who have had sensitivities to traditional adhesives in the past should have a patch test done on themselves first before getting a full set of lashes. Patch tests are covered in our Lynk-Gel Training.

The Story Behind Lynk-Gel

The idea for Lynk-Gel came from Soo-Jin having a difficult client on whom she had tried many different products and techniques but nothing would stay on her lashes. She was about to let the client know that she couldn’t do anything else for her because she had lost hope for her retention, and the client should try somewhere else. The night before her appointment, when falling asleep, she thought back to the days when she had braces. How they would cure the glue with a light and her brackets would stay on. Then she began thinking about if that was feasible for a new way to try to attach lashes.

Her idea was so revolutionary that she had to find people who could create both the glue that would be safe for use around the eyes and a device that would cure in non-UV light without damaging the artists’ or the clients’ eyes. She reached out to many engineers and glue companies, and got told ‘no’ so many times that she’d given up. Two years after she had been told ‘no’ by a U.S. glue company, they contacted her and told her that they were revisiting old projects and wanted to see if she was still interested in trying to formulate this glue. Since then, they have been working with illumino to produce the Lynk-Gel glue.

The device was another struggle as she had to figure out how to design a device that would be safe to use around the eyes. Even after overcoming the first obstacle of finding an engineer who would work with her, she had her prototype accidentally thrown away! She had to dig through the city dump to find her prototype. She went through many iterations of the device from its conception until the current version we have today – and we’re still continually working on improving it!

Lynk-Gel Glue Safety, Storing, and Shipping

Caution: Contains cyanoacrylate. If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water. See physician at once. Bonds to skin instantly. If fingers or skin bonds, do not pull apart. Gently peel apart skin using oil, acetone or nail polish remover. Never place lash remover, oil, acetone, or nail polish remover in the eyes. Avoid contact with fabrics as heat may occur. Always avoid direct contact on the skin and eyes and use in a well-ventilated area. Do not take internally. Skin contact may cause burns. May cause delayed irritation and skin sensitization.

  • Lynk-Gel Glue must be shipped with a minimum of 3-day shipping. It must be kept cold to stay fresh. We pack all of our glue orders with ice packs to keep it fresh during transport, but the glue must be put in the fridge upon arrival. Do not freeze Lynk-Gel glue.
  • Handling and storage: Store bottle closed and tightly sealed in an airtight container. Keep upright at below 45°F (7.22°C), never freeze. Avoid heat, open flames, high humidity, high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life: Discard use after 45 days of opening. High humidity, high temperatures, and not storing properly sealed and cold may decrease shelf life.
  • Eye irritant: Keep out of reach of children.
  • Ingredients: Available upon request, send an email to info@illuminolashes.com

Continuing Education Certified

Did you know that our Lynk-Gel Trainings are approved by the state of NV for continuing education credits? All of our in-person Lynk-Gel trainings are all approved!

Why Get Certified?

Lynk-Gel Certified artists have access to so many perks! Get cheaper
glue prices, specialized support, personalized training, and more!


The flexible bond of the Lynk-Gel endures stronger & longer than conventional eyelash adhesives. Its superior attachments tolerate water, oils, powerful makeup removers and eye creams. With the Lynk-Gel, your clients can continue their favorite eye care routines without worry of compromising their lashes.

Safe and Gentle

The instant cure of Lynk-Gel® drastically reduces the fumes emitted by eyelash adhesives. With virtually no fumes, the client and lash artist experience less respiratory irritation and fewer headaches. Your clients leave their lash appointments with less red eyes and fewer tears.


Never again be at the mercy of your environment. The Lynk-Gel LED cures consistently in any temperature and humidity conditions. The instant cure of the Lynk-Gel® glue freezes lashes as they are placed (damage-free), allowing you to create symmetrical designs with consistent lash direction. The instant cure also allows you to apply a lash immediately after working on its neighbor without worry of “stickies” thus eliminating the need to move your isolation hand around and lose time.