What do I need to do Lynk-Gel Lashes?

What do I need to do Lynk-Gel Lashes?

You may find that you have most of what you need to provide Lynk-Gel lashes to your clients already!

You already have almost everything you need to start using the Lynk-Gel Method. But here’s a few items you might want to pick up to help add the Lynk-Gel service to your existing menu.

You may purchase a Lynk-Gel Kit from our website and teach yourself, or you may take a certified training to get a full hands-on training and all of the additional benefits! You may also purchase only the device and glue, but you will not receive the full Lynk-Gel Kit or any of the benefits.

If you want to pick up some of these items and would like to support us, please consider purchasing through our Amazon affiliate link.

This includes the Patented Lynk-Gel LED Curing Device, one bottle of Lynk-Gel Glue, and several free full-sized samples of illumino products.Your device fits most tweezers – and all illumino tweezers – in the slot under the device where you slide in your isolation tweezers.Your kit purchase includes an isolation tweezer, and your class purchase includes 2!

This blog outlines everything that you need to do Lynk-Gel lashes.

Lynk-Gel Kit

The Lynk-Gel Kit includes everything you need to start providing your clients with the best retention lashes you've ever seen! What's included in your kit and what do you still need to purchase? We'll cover that extensively. Let’s start with the important products – the Lynk-Gel LED Curing Device and Lynk-Gel Glue. First the Lynk-Gel Device: this is the LED device that we invented and developed for lash artists to use to cure our Lynk-Gel Adhesive. The  Lynk-Gel Device will keep isolation tweezers in place as you work with magnets, but you may also attach your tweezers with tape if they are non magnetic. Your LED lash kit provides you with one isolation tweezer, while your LED lash training provides you with two!

Included in your Lynk-Gel 4.0 Kit:


Next is tweezers. If you do lashes already, you have tweezers. You probably even have ones you love, ones you use on occasion, and some you put in a drawer to never think about again (unless you really, really need a pair). While we can’t promise that your favorite tweezers will work, but if they're uncoated metal then they’re probably magnetic and will work perfectly with the LED curing device. If they’re coated, you’ll probably have to bookmark them – which is covered in our Lynk-Gel training. Or you can skip having to worry about whether or not your tweezers will fit and stay in place, and just look through our collection of 16 different tweezers, all lightweight and uncoated - so they're magnetic - with a wingtip on the end to counterbalance the weight and make them comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time!

Eyelash extension tweezers with wingtips
illumino's exclusive wingtip design for eyelash extension tweezers to counterbalance and make the tweezers more comfortable to hold for long amounts of time.


Of course, we can’t forget about the lash extensions themselves. I think it’s pretty much a given that if you’re doing lash extensions, you need to have eyelash extensions to put on! Lynk-Gel doesn’t require any special lashes, and will work with Classic, Volume, and Premades! The only lashes that it won’t work with are pop lashes (EZ fans). Lynk-Gel is actually even better than traditional glues for premades because it will freeze them in place. The best part for the handmade volume fan makers out there is once you turn on the LED light, the fans will stay open.

If you make your own handmade volume fans, the Lynk-Gel is perfect for that too, except that you cannot use the pinching method.

12D Premades Close Up
Our XL trays of premades have thin and flexible heat-bonded bases.


After that, we have our other basic lash accessories. The Lynk-Gel Kit comes with several full sized samples of illumino lash supplies, whether you purchase the kit or take the certified training. The just device and glue does not come with these. Look above for the full kit contents.

The only thing you probably don’t have, and we don’t sell are the glue coin foils. The Lynk-Gel glue will react to most plastics and start curing prematurely, so we always use colored hair foils that have been cut with a 1.25” hole punch to put the glue on. We recommend using colored foils instead of silver because it makes it easier to see the clear Lynk-Gel Adhesive.


The last absolute necessity, that you probably don’t have yet, to do Lynk-Gel with is a light filter. Because the Lynk-Gel glue dries when it’s exposed to light, you’ll need to use a filter on your working lamp. We suggest using this filter which can be cut to whatever size that you need.


A couple of final items that aren’t necessary, but are helpful, are a handheld heater and a mini fridge. The Lynk-Gel Adhesive must be kept cold, and having a mini fridge nearby your work area (on your lash trolley) makes it a lot easier to refresh your working bead of glue every 15-20 minutes. Otherwise you’ll have to run back to your fridge every time you need more glue. It’s also helpful to finish the service with a handheld mini heater. Just hand the heater to your client (while their eyes are closed) to make sure that the glue is completely dry before opening. The heating actions ensures that the underside of the lashes are set before they open their eyes.

Now you know that most of what you need for doing Lynk-Gel lashes is the same as doing traditional lashes! Most of the additional items that you need are included in your training kit, and those that aren’t can be found for cheap online or at your local beauty supply stores. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in person or online, and take a Lynk-Gel training class! Your clients will love having the best retention they’ve ever had, and you’ll love not having stickies, working faster compared to using conventional glue (after some practice), and being able to increase your prices!

Lynkgel model Cosmoproff 2022

You’ve scrolled through the posts online, read the blog, seen the results, and you definitely want to start offering Lynk-Gel lashes yourself (and if you haven’t, check here to see the benefits!). However, you may be thinking that you couldn’t possibly offer them because it requires so many specialized requirements, specific lashes, and equipment that it’s going to be so difficult to get started! Now you should know that it’s not the case and you probably have at least 85% of what you need to do Lynk-Gel right now.

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