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Isolation Hand
Additional Retention Checklist and Mistakes to Avoid with Lynk-Gel

It’s almost here! Reserve your Lynk-Gel 4.0 Device now and unlock the secret to providing your customers with luxurious, long-lasting lashes. Pre-orders will be shipped based on order date, so secure yours today! (Shipping currently estimated around August-September)

Online Theory is included with the option to purchase additional helpful modules to get the most out of your Lynk-Gel Device!

Pre-order the Lynk-Gel 4.0 Device: Crafted to perfection, the latest version promises an unparalleled experience for artists, ensuring ease of use and exceptional results for your customers. Here’s why it’s the best yet:

  • USB-C Powered: Enjoy hassle-free charging and use with the convenience of USB-C compatibility.
  • Low-Powered Visible Light Output: The LED is completely safe for artists and clients, peaking in the visible light spectrum.
  • Automatic shut-off: The Lynk-Gel device automatically shuts off after one tap in 6 seconds.
  • Slim and Lightweight: Designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for hours of use, the Lynk-Gel 4.0 Device is only .5oz and will not add strain your hand when used properly.
  • Magnetic Tweezer Attachment: Use any magnetic tweezer with your Lynk-Gel device for your comfort.
  • Movable Gooseneck: Achieve optimal positioning for precise application with the flexible and adjustable gooseneck.
  • Touch Sensor: Control your device with the intuitive touch sensor for an ergonomic and user-friendly experience.

Also included in the Lynk-Gel Kit: Experience even more luxury with samples of our top-selling products, your choice of an isolation tweezer, and a selection of full-sized illumino products for you to indulge in.

Included in your Lynk-Gel 4.0 Kit:

Please Note: USB-C cord and compatible battery pack are required for operation (not included). Visit our Amazon affiliate list for our recommended battery pack. Kindly be aware that some battery packs may not be compatible due to power recognition issues. You can find the battery pack that we recommend on our Amazon affiliate list.

About the Additional Modules: The Lynk-Gel Retention Checklist is an additional training supplement that explains how to get the best retention with Lynk-Gel and some mistakes you might be making. The Lynk-Gel Mistakes to Avoid is an additional training supplement that goes over some of the most common mistakes people make with Lynk-Gel that may impact your experience with Lynk-Gel. Both training supplements are about 20 minutes long and have a short comprehension quiz at the end.

The Lynk-Gel Device comes in left and right handed versions. Please indicate which version you need when you check out. Please note that isolating with your left hand means that you place with your right, and vice versa. Please reach out to us if you have any confusion regarding which version you need to purchase.

This is for the Lynk-Gel Kit, not the full certification price. Purchase of the Kit does not make you Lynk-Gel Certified. If you would like to check out a full certification course, click here.

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