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To qualify for the purchase of any Lynk-Gel® Method product, you must be a lash professional adhering to your state or country’s licensure standards for eyelash extensions. If your state or country does not require licensure for eyelash extensions, we ask to see a lash training certificate. Esthetician or cosmetology students are not eligible. Must have at least 6 months minimum lash experience.

The illumino Online Lynk-Gel Training consists of critical theory and practical training. Without traveling, for safety and convenience, you will learn to master the innovative Lynk-Gel Method.

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Must have at least 6 months minimum lash experience.

The Online Training includes:

  • Online lash application review (before payment – student sends us videos and photos of their lash application)
  • Online Lynk-Gel Theory – 3-4 hours completed on your own time before we send you your kit and schedule the hands-on day
  • Hands-On over Webcam: 1.5 – 2 hours of hands-on work on a model with supervision – online (You need a live lash model and a “camera person”)

Training Materials (check the description for more details):

  • 1 illumino® Lynk-Gel® Method Student Kit
  • 1 illumino® Student Cleansing Kit
  • Certificate of Completion Mailed to You (after the 3 Lynk-Gel case studies submitted after your hands-on training are approved)
  • Shipping of the materials and the certificate
  • Ongoing support after class 


  • 1x Lynk-Gel LED Curing Device
  • 1x Pink illumino Hard Case
  • 2x Bottles of Lynk-Gel (packed with ice)
  • 3x Pairs Tip-Mops
  • 3x Cleansing Brushes
  • 1x Box Green Eye Gel Pads (10 pairs)
  • 1x Notepad
  • 1x Pen
  • 1x Cleanser
  • 1x Lash Prep
  • 1x Remover
  • 1x Glue Button Pin
  • 10 Lynk-Gel Flyers
  • 10 Lynk-Gel Client Brochures
  • 2x Isolation Tweezers of Your Choice
  • 1x Clear PVC Pouch
  • 1x Aftercare Instructions
  • 2x Spoolies
  • 1x Cleansing Brush
  • 1x Rewetting Ampoule


Please note we prefer that 
before you order this training, you have to send a close-up video, less than 15 minutes in length (you may break it up into several video parts according to the list below). We need to see close-up shots of how you separate and attach extensions to better understand how you apply lashes. This video should be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. On Vimeo, you may upload it as a password-protected video where you send the link and password to illumino. On YouTube, you may upload it as an unlisted video where you provide the link OR as a private video where you share privately for illumino to view. You may send all links, invitations, and permissions to:

Close-Up Videos (Macro)

  1. Placing on the eye pads
  2. Stretching the eyelid with tape (if you use that technique)
  3. Isolation and separation of the inner, middle, and outer lashes
  4. Glue dipping and how much you pick up
  5. Placement of lash extensions and the distance from skin
  6. Removal of lashes using a remover product and remover applicator
  7. Removal of a lash extension using tweezers only (no remover product)

Further Away Videos (Not Macro)

  1. Cleansing and rinsing of the eyelids (include a shot of your lash set-up)
  2. Isolation and separation of lashes to see how you hold and use your tweezers.

Close-up Photos (total of 12)

  1. Before and After. Close-up photos of each eye open and closed (left and right) – 8 photos
  2. Before and After. Both eyes opened and closed showing entire face – 4 photos

After all videos and photos have been received and approved, we will be able to send you online forms to fill out. Once those are filled out, we will provide you with access to your online Lynk-Gel Theory (3-4 hours). After the theory is completed, we will work with you to schedule a training date and send your kit out so it arrives to you shortly before your hands-on training.


After the hands-on portion of the training, the student must submit three (3) case studies of full-set “before and after” photos using the Lynk-Gel Device and Glue to remain in good standing, to receive your physical Lynk-Gel Method Certificate, and be able to repurchase the Lynk-Gel Glue.

Training dates will be worked out with you after you submit your media requirements, pay for the training, fill out the DocuSign, and complete the online theory.

The Student Kit will be shipped once the training date is decided upon so that the kit arrives to you a few days before the hands-on portion. Please make sure that you keep the glue in the refrigerator when it arrives, and we recommend waiting until the training before using the Lynk-Gel device so you don’t develop any bad habits that will make your training more difficult.

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