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The illumino® Classic Eyelash Extensions Training is a 2 Day Training with an extra 3-4 hours of theory online before the in-person portion.

This format gives plenty of practice and is perfect for beginners. We offer hands-on guided practice to help launch your lash career. This course elevates beginners to become ready to offer lash services and build your clientele. We will show you how to create stronger bonded, long lasting and safer lash extensions using Lynk-Gel. You will gain a variety of classic lash techniques and with lash hacks that will save time. Master Trainer Soo-Jin Yang was licensed in 2006 and has expertise in the eyelash extension process. She will take you through a personal training course consisting of critical theory and practical training.

If you are uncertain about Lynk-Gel, you can purchase the training without a Lynk-Gel Kit to take home. You will be provided all of the Lynk-Gel materials to use during training, and you have the option for purchasing the Lynk-Gel kit for the full training price at any time during your training.

Price includes:

  • Lash manual
  • Student Cleansing kit
  • Model Aftercare Kit
  • Client form, before and aftercare checklist
  • illumino® Student Classic Kit
  • Lynk-Gel Kit*

*The Classic training can be purchased without the Lynk-Gel Kit included or not. You will learn the in-depth foundations of lash extensions as well as becoming Lynk-Gel certified. If you choose not to purchase the Lynk-Gel kit as part of your training, you will be provided with one to use during the training. You may choose to purchase the kit during your training or after your training if you would like to take it home.

Half Day of Online Theory to be completed at home prior to In-Person Training

Day 1: Theory and Work on Mannequin heads

Day 2: Hands-on part with live model

(Lunch will be provided to the student only)

The Classic  Lash Training covers:

  • Critical lash theory
  • Product knowledge
  • Hands-on training with a live model
  • Formal lash consultations
  • illumino Certification after passing practical and written review
  • Committed mentorship: illumino’s unique offer of support & guidance after course
  • Ergonomic techniques
  • Safety procedures
  • New set and refill lash applications
  • Lash Designs 
  • How to create a customize lash map
  • Safe lash removal
  • Client comfort
  • Troubleshooting, tips and tricks
  • Marketing ideas and suggestions
  • How to competitively and fairly set menu prices
  • Damage-free removal of eyelash extensions
  • Liability and how to protect yourself
  • Speed lashing
  • Do not do’s in lashing

illumino Certification is only for licensed professionals

illumino Certification is provided upon passing the written test and the student must demonstrate and attach 20 damage-free eyelash extensions during the hands-on portion of the lash training. Currently enrolled Beauty School students may take the training, the graduates will not receive certificates until they have provided a current Esthetician or Cosmetology license by the State Board.

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