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    What are eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent cosmetic service offered to enhance the length, curliness, and fullness of the natural lashes. With Classic eyelash extensions, a single lash extension is adhered to the base of the natural lash with tweezers and adhesive. With Volume extensions, a fan of lash extensions are adhered. Eyelash extensions shed naturally as natural lashes grow, and generally all shed within six weeks.


    What makes illumino products different?

    While many eyelash extension brands merely re-package existing products, illumino isolates the unmet needs in the eyelash industry, engineers products from idea to fabrication, and tests their innovations rigorously for quality and safety.


    What makes great eyelash extensions?

    Excellent eyelash extensions work in harmony with the client’s natural lash, enhance the beauty of the client’s facial features and face shape, and are long-lasting.

    Can I curl my eyelash extensions?

    Your extensions are synthetic. Never use heated or unheated eyelash curlers. Curlers will crimp them and heated curlers will also loosen and separate the adhesive from the extensions.

    Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

    You can use mascara with eyelash extensions attached by Lynk Gel and cured by the Gel-Lys device. But do not use any type of waterproof makeup around your eyes because it will loosen the adhesion of the extension. Waterproof mascara will also gum up your lashes.

    Where can I view product prices?

    Our products and services are available for professional cosmetologists and aestheticians. You can see the pricing of our products and services after registering an account on our website.

    Can you get insurance for Lynk-Gel®?

    Yes! ASCP offers insurance that covers using the Lynk-Gel® Method. The LED most facial treatment devices use in beauty salons are legal and can be insured up to 15 Joules. The Lynk-Gel® only uses .02 Joules. Please visit: https://www.ascpskincare.com/illuminolashes


    Can I get Lynk-Gel insurance in the UK?

    Yes! We recommend INSYNC. To reach out to them, please email your name and contact number to partnerreferrals@insyncinsurance.co.uk.

    My natural lashes are straight and aim downward. Would you have to use less curly extensions to match my natural lashes?

    Yes, you can get curlier lash extensions attached to your straight lashes. There are many styles of lash curls available, we can enhance and open up the eyes. 

    My lashes don't seem to be growing as fast as they used to. Should I use a lash conditioner while I have eyelash extensions?

    Yes, you may use a lash conditioner with the Lynk-Gel glue. We recommend that you apply the lash conditioner to the eyelid/skin and not directly on the lashes. It is fine to get it on the lashes but remember to cleanse the lashes daily to remove buildup and debris that may cause premature fallout.

    What are your pro plan discounts?

    We now are offering free shipping for orders over $299 (Lynk-Gel included!) of product. Additionally, if you order over $500 you get 15% off and free shipping! These are only used on products, not trainings.


    freeshipping - Free Shipping on orders over $299 after coupon codes.

    500Pro - 15% Off *and* Free Shipping!

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