• Imitates human hair for an everyday, natural look
  • Lashes have sturdy, structured shape & mobility
  • Great for fan making with bounce pad
  • 18 lash strips for mixed length trays, 16 strips for single length trays


  • Available in broad range of diameters, curls, and styles: flat lashes, premade 4D and 6D fans, L-Curls, and more
  • Soft, lustrous, flexible
  • Rich, saturated black
  • Stickier strip
  • 12 lash strips per tray


  • Velvety-soft finish
  • Perfectly consistent curls and lengths for ease rolling, shuffling, bouncing
  • Foil backing releases from tray easily and stays sticky
  • Superior curl resistance against hot water and steam
  • 12 lash strips per tray