Gel-Lys™ Device & Comprehensive Training

Gel-Lys™ Device + Comprehensive Training + 5ml Bottle of Lynk Gel

Attached to your tweezers & activated by the flick of your finger, the Gel-Lys™ is an LED lash curing device that seamlessly bonds your attachments as you work. The world’s first LED lash device compresses the 24 hour cure time of conventional lash adhesive into a few seconds, making lash extensions faster & safer for both you & your client.

  • Faster: Instantly cures gel adhesive in any temperature or humidity conditions
  • Stronger: Stays bonded up to three weeks longer than conventional lash extensions
  • Less Red Eye:Reduces vapors released by the adhesive, preventing irritation and red eye
  • Safe & Gentle: Softer frequency than daylight; fully safe to operate near the closed human eye
  • Lynk Gel™:Gel adhesive specially formulated for use around eyes; free only with this introductory offer. 

Order now to secure your device & place in our Comprehensive Training. Offer includes device, training, and first bottle of Lynk Gel

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Licensed Professionals and Beauty College students only

Only registered State-board Licensed Professionals can see prices and purchase our products.  Please apply for an account.

Only state board licensed professionals are legally certified to service eyelash extensions in selected US states, and internationally.

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The Gel-Lys™ is only available for purchase by professionals adhering to their state or country’s licensure standards for eyelash extensions. Because quality and safety are our priority, purchase is only available to professionals who have passed our Gel-Lys™ Comprehensive Training.

Gel-Lys™ will be available to take home on your class date. Lynk Gel™ will be sent by mail after the training.  

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About the Gel-Lys™

The Gel-Lys™ is a patent-pending gel curing device that instantly bonds eyelash extensions using Lynk Gel™ adhesive. The Gel-Lys™ attaches to your lash tweezers and aims a precise Light Emitting Diode (LED) at the base of the individual lash. Activated by the flick of your finger, it seamlessly cures the lash gel adhesive as you work. With its LED less bright than daylight, the Gel-Lys™ is fully safe to operate near the closed human eye.

The Gel-Lys™ works together with Lynk Gel™, a light curing cyanoacrylate based adhesive formulated for use around the eyes. Lynk Gel™ dries immediately when activated by the Gel-Lys™ device. 

The instant dry time of the Lynk Gel™ makes lash extensions faster and safer for both you and your client. Compressing the 24 hours of cure time for conventional lash glue into a matter of seconds, the Gel-Lys™ sets a new standard of efficiency and quality for lash attachments. Reducing adhesive set time makes lash extensions become virtually fume-free, drastically lowering the risk of irritation and watery or red eyes. 

The Gel-Lys™ is lightweight (50 grams) and battery-operated.

The Illumino Method and Gel-Lys Device are both patent pending.


Virtually No Fumes, Transforming the Client Experience

  • The instant cure of the Lynk Gel™ drastically reduces the fumes emitted by eyelash adhesive.  Conventional eyelash glues take 24 hours to set entirely. The Gel-Lys™ cures instantly, relieving the client of most of the chemical exposure to the setting adhesive. With virtually no fumes, the client experiences less red eye and tearing, less irritation and fewer headaches. They often can’t even tell when you’ve begun application! Lower chemical exposure may also reduce risk of developing sensitivity to extensions overtime. With no fumes and quicker dry time, there’s no need to fan or nanomist the client. 


  • The Gel-Lys™ accelerates work for the lash artist by curing adhesive instantly. Cutting out set time, the artist can begin application of a lash immediately after working on its neighboring lash without worry of “stickies.” 
  • With instant cure, you can manipulate the lash right after you attach it, checking the security of the bond without worrying about undoing your work. 
  • Instant cure cuts application time, making your services up to fifteen minutes faster. Shorter services allow you to add more clients to your books and increase income.
  • The Gel-Lys™ makes your Volume application more consistent by curing your fans immediately after placement. As soon as the LED hits the fan, its base freezes while its V-shape stays spread. 

Stronger, Longer Bond

  • The powerful bond of the Gel-Lys™ endures longer than conventional eyelash adhesive. With better retention, you can charge more for your service, even though it takes less time overall. Seeing each client less often, you will be able to take on more clients and expand the reach of your business. 

How It Works 

Purchase Requirements

Must be a Lash Professional: 

  • To qualify for purchase of the Gel-Lys™, you must be a lash professional adhering to your state or country’s licensure standards for eyelash extensions. If your state or country does not require licensure for eyelash extensions, we ask to see a lash training certificate. Esthetician or cosmetology students are not eligible. 

Comprehensive Training

Because excellence and safety are our priority, the Gel-Lys™ is only available for purchase by those who have taken the Gel-LysComprehensive Training. We support professionalism in our industry and take every measure to reduce product misuse. 

The Gel-Lys™ four hour Comprehensive Training trains the lash artist to perform the following:

  • Consultation and consent form review before lash application
  • Infection prevention and skin analysis
  • Choosing correct lash weight based on the client’s natural lashes
  • Preparing and cleansing eyelids and the brow area
  • Safely securing upper and lower eyelids with Illumino Green Eye Gel Pads and tape
  • Applying the proper amount of Barrier Cream to the appropriate areas
  • Using the Gel-Lys™ and  Lynk Gel™ in conjunction to attach ten lash extensions per eye (either Classic or Volume by student choice)
  • Safe removal in two ways


Additional information

Class Dates

Sept 21 12pm-4pm (Oakland, CA), Sept. 30 10am-2pm (San Antonio, TX), Oct. 1 10am-2pm (San Antonio, TX), Oct. 20 10am-2pm (Oakland, CA), Nov 9 11-4pm (Honolulu, HI)

Model Source

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