Safest LED Lash Extensions In The Market: The Lynk-Gel Method

Safest LED Lash Extensions In The Market: The Lynk-Gel Method

Lynk-Gel Method. Handhled, touch sensor device. Lash extensions applied with LED curable glue.

Safest LED Lash Extensions

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, safety should always be a top priority. As beauty enthusiasts, professional makeup artists, lash technicians, and lash clients interested in lash extensions but are allergic to lash glue, we understand the importance of finding a method that not only enhances our appearance but also ensures our eye health, safety, and long-term well-being.

In this blog post, we introduce you to the Lynk-Gel method, the safest option for LED lash extensions. Especially when it comes to eyelash extensions, choosing the right method is crucial.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the safest option in the market today: The Lynk-Gel Method.

With the emergence of LED lash extensions, it’s no wonder that many individuals are seeking this innovative and convenient alternative to traditional lash extensions. These innovative lashes are revolutionizing the industry, providing a safer and more efficient option for those seeking beautiful, long-lasting lashes. With the emergence of LED lash extensions, it’s no wonder that many individuals are seeking this innovative and convenient alternative to traditional lash extensions. We will explore the world of LED lash extension and provide you with a comprehensive guide and knowledge on their benefits over traditional lashes and address common safety concerns related to UV light exposure.

What are LED/UV Lash Extensions?


LED/UV lash extensions are a new generation of lash enhancements that utilize LED or UV light to cure the adhesive used to attach the lashes. This curing process ensures a secure bond between the natural lash and the extension, resulting in longer lasting and more durable lashes. From classic lashes to volume, hybrid, mega volume lashes, and premade fans, the lash options are diverse with LED or UV light. The key distinction? Our unique method involves curing and fully polymerizing the lash glue using a specialized light, ensuring rapid glue curing for a flawless, lasting finish.


Benefits of LED Lash Extensions

Faster Drying Time

Get Set, Glow! LED lash extensions dry at lightning speed compared to the sluggish pace of traditional lash glues. While the old-school glue might take a full 24 hours to cure, the light-cured method zips through in a mere 2-6 seconds! Quicker curing equals saved time and money. Once you’ve mastered the technique, enjoy slashing up to 30 minutes off your lash service.

LED lash extensions offer a significant advantage when it comes to drying time. The LED light cures the adhesive quickly, allowing the lash artist to work efficiently and reducing the overall application time.

Stronger Bond

Level Up Your Lash Game. Talk about strength that stands out! Unlike regular lash extension glue, these bad boys are built to last! Expect a whopping 20-25% longer wear, giving you the power to push those fills back by a week, two weeks, or even longer. It’s like a retention revolution! Of course, remember, the total retention varies based on individual factors like lash growth, care, and coverage.

The curing process under LED light creates a stronger bond between the natural lash and the extension. This means that your lashes will stay in place longer, with minimal risk of premature shedding.

Safer Application


Say Goodbye To Lash Drama! Unlike regular lash extension glue, these extensions are designed to last, offering an impressive 20-25% longer wear. LED light’s quick curing time of 2-6 seconds, eliminating any fumes that could irritate your nose or lungs. No more headaches or red, itchy, and stinging eyes post-service. Moreover, our Lynk-Gel device and Lynk-Gel glue used for LED lash extensions, meets the highest safety standards, and does not emit harmful UV light. It is safer than all the other UV lash extensions on the market.

Our Lynk-Gel device and glue takes safety up a notch in the lash world. It’s not your typical UV extension—steering clear of UV, it gleams in the visible light range (above 400 nanometers), stamped safe by ACGIH, IEC, ICNIRP, IES, and ANSI RP-27 standards. Plus, it’s a low-powered light—600 times gentler than a 60-watt nail gel lamp.

Safe, effective, and as easy as waving a magic wand!


Softer Feel


Get Ready for Softness Supreme. Hello Lynk-Gel glue—the marshmallow of lash glues! Unlike traditional glue, Lynk-Gel glue brings a softer, more flexible vibe once it’s cured, giving you a cozy, cloud-like wear. Say goodbye to those extensions that feel like tiny pokers or seem ready to snap with a slight bend! Our Lynk-Gel device and glue are the heroes here. It dances along with your natural lashes, offering unmatched comfort while ensuring they last longer. It’s like a comfort upgrade for your lashes—soft, flexible, and lasting. What more could you ask for in lash heaven?

Our LED lash extension systems, such as our Lynk-Gel lashes, offer a softer feel compared to traditional lash glues. The lightweight and flexible nature of these lashes provide enhanced comfort for the wearer.

Allergen-Free Solution


No More Red Eyes. Ever had a lash glue nightmare that barred you from your lash extension dreams? It’s like being denied an effortless ‘I woke up like this’ glam! But hold onto your seat, our Lynk-Gel Method is coming in hot to be your ultimate lash savior! Got an allergy to lash glues? It’s not the end. Our Lynk-Gel glue, with its magic trio of ingredients, has rescued over 50% of allergic souls, granting them lash freedom!

Pro tip: Patch test, then cue the countdown –5-7 days to a full set. Now, brace yourself! Are these lashes a miracle? Almost! Safety check ahead. Because fabulous lashes are a must, but sight is non-negotiable! The burning question: Are Lynk-Gel lashes safe? Let’s uncover the truth.

For individuals with allergies to traditional lash glues, our Lynk-Gel device and glue is a game-changer. The few ingredients in the glue and the rapid curing time of the Lynk-Gel Method significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions, allowing more people to enjoy the beauty of long, luscious lashes.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Does UV Light Harm the Eye?

Unfortunately, YES. In just under 2 minutes, it can cause serious macular mayhem. But fear not, here’s where the Lynk-Gel device swoops in—no UV villainy here. Our Lynk-Gel device rocks the visible light spectrum, making it a certified eye-safe superhero! ANSI even gives it a thumbs-up for lash artists clocking in 8+ hours daily! How? It’s all about that low-power mojo, operating at a cool .02 joules/second, less power than your morning coffee maker. Safe eyes makes for happy days with our Lynk-Gel device to keep the shine without the eye-shock damage drama.

Lash artists, make sure you always take the necessary precautions to protect your client’s eyes during the procedure by trying our Lynk Gel device, glue, and lashes for the highest quality and safety standard in the industry.

Recommended Distance for LED Light

LED Device pink handhled gooseneck touch sensor at a certified lash training

Picture this, the Lynk-Gel LED just a few centimeters away from the lash point, armed with its flexible gooseneck. It’s like a lightsaber with finesse! Here’s the secret sauce: shine the light not straight into the eye, but let it waltz through the attachment point and onto the eye gel pad. Voila! A pinpoint light that doesn’t even dare to gaze directly into the eye. It’s like a precision dance, avoiding the spotlight on the eye. Lynk-Gel’s LED is always bringing the glow without the direct eye contact.

Can You Feel or See the Light?

Our Lynk-Gel device has some serious ninja moves! It emits a small, pinpointed light that’s as stealthy as a secret agent. Surprising, right? Most clients won’t even spot it in action. And guess what? No added heat. This LED light is the definition of cool, literally! Forget any service interruptions – our Lynk-Gel device’s light is on a mission to keep you comfortable throughout. So

you can enjoy the stunning effect of LED lash extensions without any discomfort or distractions.

Safety and Certification

When it comes to any beauty procedure, safety should always be a top priority. It’s essential to ensure that the products used in LED lash extensions meet the necessary safety standards. Look for LED lash extensions that have obtained ANSI, IEC, ACGIH, ICNIRP, IES, or CE certifications. These certifications ensure that the products have undergone rigorous testing and comply with safety standards.

Our Lynk-Gel device rocks all of these certifications. It’s like getting the golden stamp of approval from the guardians of quality!

The Lynk-Gel Method

close up Lynk-Gel Method Lash extensions taping eyes isolating isolate lashes LED premade volume lash LED cured glue UV LED lash device

At the forefront of the lash extension industry, the Lynk-Gel method stands out for its commitment to safety. What sets it apart is its rigorous testing and certification by third-party experts. It has been measured and found safe to the highest degree of safety for photobiological hazards. This means that you can trust Lynk-Gel to provide a safe and comfortable experience during the application process.

Don’t just take our word for it—current users attest to the safety and quality of Lynk-Gel. Many have even reported being able to use it on clients with previous allergies without any adverse reactions.

The Lynk-Gel method prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. The gentle and non-irritating formula ensures a pleasant experience during the application process. Even if you have had previous allergies, Lynk-Gel is suitable for most clients without causing any adverse reactions. It’s the only low-powered device specifically designed for safe use on your eyes, giving you the peace of mind you deserve alongside the lashes you love.

When it comes to lash extensions, the safety of your eyes and overall well-being should never be compromised. The Lynk-Gel method provides the safest LED lash extensions available in the market. With its proven safety, high-quality results, long-lasting effects, and comfortable application process.

With Lynk-Gel, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lash extensions are both beautiful and safe.

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