Confession of a Lash Addict

Confession of a Lash Addict

A Lash Addict's Secret Weapon: The Lynk-Gel Method, Because Falsies Should Last Longer Than Bad Dates! 

Hey there, I’m Jenn, and I have a confession to make..

I’m addicted to eyelash extensions. It's been over three years of non-stop lashing, like it's my side hustle. The first time I tried traditional eyelash extensions, I was hooked. Being of Asian descent with naturally super straight lashes, thanks to my ancestors, it was like a miracle makeover. Suddenly, my eyes were batting better than ever, and I was unintentionally charming the socks off everyone.

My beautiful lash extensions after my appointment
My lashes after the appointment were full, beautiful, and comfortable!

But let me tell you, when I finally decided to part ways with my beloved lash extensions recently, it was a whole saga. I looked in the mirror and let's just say, I resembled a plucked chicken. Naked chicken chic was NOT the vibe I was going for. It was a 'hot mess' moment, to say the least. I had to do a double-take in the mirror and ask myself, 'Who even is this girl?'

Now, don't get me wrong, those eyelash extensions were heaven-sent at the time, it was the stuff of dreams. No more panda eyes in the morning, minimal makeup needed, and zero smudges, what's not to love? But fast forward after 3 years, and my lashes were now looking more pitiful than a lonely tumbleweed.

I'm left with some serious lash damage. Yikes! It was a wake-up call, let me tell you.

It drove me on a quest for lash salvation, I knew I needed a lash hero. And, I found her in the form of Soo-Jin, the Master Yoda of the lashing galaxy. She is the mastermind behind illumino Lashes and the brains behind the Lynk-Gel Method. What's Lynk-Gel, you ask? Only the world's first LED curing device for lash extensions, boasting an A.N.S.I. safety rating. And guess what? It's right here in Las Vegas!

With my heart pounding with anticipation and my lashes begging for some serious love, I thought, why not give it a shot? After all, I had a few stubborn stragglers that could use some TLC. Here's to hoping for a lash upgrade without the drama. You know the old adage, 'Be careful what you wish for'? Well, this appointment kicked me into gear and made me realize that I have not been leveling up my lash game all these years.

Lynk-Gel uses an LED light to cure the Lynk-Gel glue in 2-6 seconds. You can use it with volume, classic, hybrid, mega-volume, premades, or handmade fans.

You can use Lynk-Gel with volume, classic, hybrid, mega-volume, premades, or handmade fans.

Here was my Lash Revelation…

  • Lash Shock: A deep realization hits hard. My previous lash artists skipped the pre-lash wash. I was surprised to disbelief, navigating the rollercoaster of feelings over this eyebrow-raising discovery.
  • Eye Enlightenment: Under the magical hands of Soo-Jin, receiving a crash course in lash styling. Her descriptive approach and tailored suggestions leave me feeling confident in her expertise. Who knew a cat-eye could be so purr-fect for my very stubbornly straight Asian lashes?
  • Beauty Sleep Bliss: The Lynk-Gel, not UV, LED method is a total game-changer in lash treatments. Its gentle and safe approach lulls me into a peaceful nap, and boy, did I really need a power nap that day. A far cry from the usual tear-inducing experiences of traditional methods. Goodbye poking and chemical reactions, hello dreamy lashes!
  • Eye Candy: Waking up to the sight of flawlessly spaced and styled lashes, it's clear this was lashing done with love and top-notch quality. Finally, lashes that speak volumes without saying a word.

After more than three weeks, the majority of my lashes are still slaying. No redness, no itchiness, just pure lash perfection. Thanks to the Lynk-Gel Method, they're as fluffy and fabulous as the day I got them. Talk about longevity!

Once you've experienced the magic of Lynk-Gel, there's no turning back. Consider me a believer in this next level lash revolution. Not only does it elevate our lash game, but it also prioritizes our lash and eye health for the long haul.

Lynk-Gel cures the LED lash extension glue in 2-6 seconds

Lynk-Gel uses an LED light to cure the Lynk-Gel glue in 2-6 seconds. (This one isn't me, but I know you want to see the light on!)

A shout out to the brilliant mind behind it all, Soo-Jin, whose innovative spirit and years of expertise have given us a solution that's set to redefine the lashing game for years to come. 

Here's to the future of flawless lashes and lash-tastic days ahead!

Five Shiny Golden Flying Stars! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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