The History of the Lynk-Gel Method and Device

The History of the Lynk-Gel Method and Device

Discover the Revolutionary Lynk-Gel Method and Device that has transformed the world of lash extensions.

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Lynk-Gel Method and Device. This cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the way we approach lash extensions, offering unparalleled results and an exceptional experience. Join us as we delve into the captivating journey behind the creation of the Lynk-Gel Method and Device, and explore its unique features and benefits.

The Beginning of LED Lash Extensions

To understand the significance of the Lynk-Gel Method and Device, let’s first explore the evolution of lash extensions. Over the years, lash extensions have become increasingly popular, accentuating our natural beauty and enhancing our overall appearance. However, it was with the introduction of LED technology that lash extensions truly reached new heights.

The inception of LED lash extensions sparked from a challenge faced by one of Soo-Jin’s early clients in her lash career. This individual, who struggled with oily skin and had heavy makeup usage, encountered significant lash retention issues. Soo-Jin often went the extra mile for her, offering free touch-ups to ensure her client’s happiness. Despite her efforts, a sense of unease crept in, leaving Soo-Jin feeling inadequate despite her expertise.

One fateful night, a flicker of inspiration emerged, reminiscent of Soo-Jin’s orthodontic braces experience. While she and a friend got braces adjustments together, Soo-Jin’s braces, cured with a light, finished faster. This memory ignited a profound idea – could the same principle be applied to lashes? This singular thought marked the beginning of Soo-Jin’s groundbreaking journey, birthing the world’s safest and most innovative LED lash extension method.

Trials and Tribulations

The path to innovation is often paved with challenges and obstacles. The development of the Lynk-Gel Method and Device was no exception. Countless hours of research, experimentation, and determination were poured into perfecting this breakthrough technology. It was through perseverance and unwavering commitment that the Lynk-Gel Method and Device emerged as a game-changer in the beauty industry.

Introducing a groundbreaking lash method employing LED light posed an immense challenge for Soo-Jin, primarily because nothing of its kind existed before. She embarked on this pioneering journey from scratch, fueled by a relentless dedication to prioritize safety for both artists and clients. But the road to innovation was paved with obstacles.

At the outset, she grappled with the absence of industry standards, benchmarks, or reference products. Soo-Jin encountered repeated rejections while seeking experts to test the LED light’s safety and formulate a glue compatible with eye use and LED curing. Simultaneously, she tirelessly honed the design of the curing device, striving to ensure it met the stringent demands of a lash artist’s marathon work hours.

Amidst the relentless pursuit, moments of despair crept in, threatening to dampen her spirits. However, just when hope seemed to fade, a glimmer of opportunity finally illuminated her path.

The Lynk-Gel Breakthrough

The Lynk-Gel Method and Device is a state-of-the-art system that has set a new standard in lash extensions. This innovative method combines the precision of LED technology with the flexibility and comfort of gel-based lash extensions. The Lynk-Gel Method and Device ensure a seamless application process, resulting in stunning lashes that are lightweight, durable, and effortlessly natural-looking.

Dr and Soo-Jin testing the safety of Lynk-Gel

Dr. Sliney and Soo-Jin testing the safety of Lynk-Gel to apply gel eyelash extensions safely.

After years of tireless effort, constantly refining the device’s ergonomics, comfort, and user-friendliness, Soo-Jin received a glimmer of hope regarding safety testing for her innovation—albeit with a twist. A brief demonstration in a hotel lobby caught the attention of a scientist, offering her an opportunity to pay for safety tests, a pivotal step in determining whether her device posed any risks to lash artists and clients. But here’s the catch, if the tests revealed any safety concerns, she wouldn’t be allowed to sell it. It was a high-stakes gamble with no guaranteed payoff, yet she was resolute about ensuring the LED device’s safety, forging ahead with the testing.

For Soo-Jin, the testing process felt akin to the anticipation of nurturing a life into existence—a lengthy nine-month journey to determine if her LED innovation would be a boon or merely a lost investment. The uncertainty loomed large, leaving her in a precarious position, unsure if her invention would bear fruit or remain a fruitless endeavor. Yet, after enduring the arduous nine-month testing phase, her perseverance bore fruit as the device was validated as safe for both lash artists and clients, paving the way for the production and sale of the Lynk-Gel device. Furthermore, securing a glue manufacturer for Lynk-Gel from a USA company that had initially declined her proposal two years prior was a triumph in itself!

Since that pivotal moment, she has continued to dedicate herself to enhancing the Lynk-Gel Device, striving to make it even more user-friendly, comfortable, and, above all, safer.

Lynk-Gel has been third party certified safe to RP27 standards, which are the highest standards for photobiological safety. We have also been CE certified, and approved by ACGIH, IEC, ICNIRP, and IES standards in 2020.

Testing the safety of the Lynk-Gel Device

The Lynk-Gel Device has been tested and found safe to ANSI RP27 standards. The world’s first and safest LED lash extensions.

Lynk-Gel: The Why and The What

Why choose the Lynk-Gel Method and Device? The answer lies in its numerous advantages. The Lynk-Gel Method and Device offer enhanced accuracy and control, allowing for seamless lash integration. The gel-based extensions are gentle on the natural lashes, promoting healthy growth and minimizing damage. With Lynk-Gel, you can achieve the lashes of your dreams while maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes.

Customer Testimonials

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some real-life testimonials from our valued customers:

  • “I’ve tried various lash extension methods, but the Lynk-Gel Method is on a whole new level. My lashes have never looked so natural and voluminous!” – Emma R.
  • “As a professional lash technician, the Lynk-Gel Device has transformed the way I work. It’s efficient, precise, and my clients are thrilled with the results.” – Sarah M.


The Lynk-Gel Method and Device represent a remarkable milestone in lash extension technology. With its unique features, superior quality, and outstanding results, the Lynk-Gel Method and Device have become the go-to choice for beauty enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone seeking flawless lashes. Experience the Lynk-Gel difference for yourself and embark on a lash journey like no other.

Ready to revolutionize your lash experience? Visit our website to explore the Lynk-Gel Method and Device today!

Lash artist attaching a volume premade fan using the safe Lynk-Gel LED

A lash artist attaches a premade fan to her client in seconds with the Lynk-Gel Method, the safest method for applying LED lash extensions.

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