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Our lash prep is the final step, and it’s the perfect primer for your eyelash extensions. This primer will remove excess oils, proteins, and dirt from your client’s lashes to increase the retention and durability of the glue.

To use the illumino system for cleaning and preparing lashes, first you may want to use our makeup remover, if you client uses stubborn makeup that’s hard to remove. After the makeup remover step (if needed), you want to use our cleanser. You may need to cleanse two or three times depending on how much makeup your client has on. After that, you use stabilizer. You may apply stabilizer to the extension base before your client arrives – we suggest giving it an hour to fully dry. You may also apply the stabilizer directly to their natural lash, but you will need to use a mini handheld heater fan to dry it fully before continuing. Our stabilizer will ensure that you have the correct pH balance for your lashes to keep them lasting the longest, as well as avoiding any unseemly whitening of your glue when it dries. The third step is using our lash prep. Our prep will remove excess oils and dirt, which will extend your glue’s retention and increase the durability of the glue.

Directions for Use:

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