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Dynasty Collection | M Curl Lashes | Mixed Lengths

Dynasty Collection | M Curl Lashes | Mixed Lengths

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Our M curl eyelashes bundles with mixed lengths is the perfect M curl eyelash extensions starter supply kit for the best lash artists whom really enjoy working with M Curl lash extensions of various lengths. Prepare to amaze your clients with the mesmerizing effects of M curl eyelash extensions.

The unique design features a straight base that seamlessly transitions into a sharp, upright curl, resulting in an exceptionally lifted effect that captivates. M curl lash extensions are particularly suited for hooded eyes, expertly extending outward and upward over the hood, enhancing the eyes’ allure. Additionally, these lashes work wonders in achieving the coveted Cat effect, where the extreme angled appearance on the outer corner creates that alluring feline flick, perfect for adding a touch of mystique to any look. Embrace the artistry of M curl extensions and unlock a world of stunning possibilities for your clients’ lashes.

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