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Tweezers are one of the most important tools for a lash artist!

No matter if you’re doing classic, volume, hybrid, or Lynk-Gel lashes, you need to have the perfect tweezer. Once you have the perfect lash tweezer that you love, you don’t want to switch it up! But what happens when it gets damaged? If it gets dropped, forgotten in sanitizer and rusts, or just gets old and worn out?

You don’t have to worry about finding a new pair or new style (unless you want to). We have a lifetime warranty on all of our tweezers. If you love using our tweezers and you don’t think they’re working as well as they should anymore, you don’t have to buy a whole new replacement pair! For as long as you have your tweezers, all you need to do is ship them back to us and choose what new pair you want. You can choose the same style as you currently have, or feel free to try one of our other styles! With our exchange program, you can easily trade your tweezers in for a new pair whenever you need to.

We recommend picking up some of our illumino exclusive Tip-Mops for your favorite pair of lash tweezers that you use for cleansing while you’re at it!

Some styles require an up-charge based on what you had previously. Extra details on exchange pricing below in description. Please be sure to a leave a note when you checkout what tweezers you’d like to exchange for, or send us an email.

All of our professional lash tweezers come with a lifetime warranty where you can exchange them for $25 for the same pair. You may also exchange them for a different pair, but if you choose to upgrade to Japanese steel, there’s a $10 difference. If you already had Japanese steel, there is no price difference for any lash tweezers that you choose.

Japanese Steel Tweezers:

  • Crane Volume
  • J-Style
  • Separation (exclusive)
  • Silhouette (exclusive)

Stainless Steel Tweezers:

  • Angled
  • Boot Volume
  • Cross-Type
  • DA (exclusive)
  • Fine Point
  • Isolation
  • L-Shaped
  • Straight

You are responsible for shipping your tweezers back to us after receiving your new pair. If we do not receive your old pair back in 30 days, we will have to consider it a new tweezers purchase instead of an exchange and charge you full price for the new pair.

For example: 

I have Curved Tweezers and I want the same pair –> $25

I have Curved Tweezers and I want to try Silhouette (Japanese steel) –> $35

I have Silhouette (Japanese steel) and I want the same pair –> $25

I have Silhouette (Japanese steel) and I want J-Style Volume (Japanese steel) Tweezers –> $25

I have Silhouette (Japanese steel) and I want Isolation Tweezers –> $25

Be aware that if you start with Japanese steel and you exchange for a non-Japanese steel quality, we’ll go off of the latest pair that you’re exchanging. If you decided to go back to Japanese steel, it will still be a $35 fee for the exchange. 

For the full listing of our lash tweezers and tools click here.

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