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The illumino Retention Boost activates and strengthens the bond of your lash adhesive.

Before application, swipe the Retention Boost across the lash strip using a micro-applicator (aim for the base of the lash strip, where you dip the adhesive).

Wait several minutes to allow the product to evaporate completely.

The Retention Boost fortifies the bond of your adhesive by shortening its setting time and preventing it from absorbing excess moisture from the air. Accelerating the set time, it also prevents floating matter from adhering to the lash and obstructing the adhesive bond.

Note: Use sparingly, as over-application may cause the adhesive to set too quickly to use. Always avoid direct contact with skin, hair, or eyes.

Note: this product is intended to be used on the lash strip and not applied on or near the human eye.

  • 15 ml.
  • Shelf life 2 years.
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