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Stabilizer: Lash stabilizer balances the pH of the lashes to ensure the best retention. It will maximize your glue’s adhesion power for your client to keep their lashes on longer as well as preventing the glue from whitening once it dries. Stabilizer can be used either before your client comes in on the base of the extensions and left to dry for an hour, or directly on your client’s natural lashes (you will need to dry it with a handheld heater fan before applying extensions if applied to the natural lash).

Lash Prep: Our lash prep is the final step, and it’s the perfect primer for your eyelash extensions. This primer will remove excess oils, proteins, and dirt from your client’s lashes to increase the retention and durability of the glue.

Eyelash Remover: Our cream based lash remover is recommended to be used on even ultra-bonding adhesives like Lynk-Gel® and other lash adhesives. The cream form ensures that no product runs into the eyes and removes eyelash extensions safely and damage-free. This remover is made to assist in dissolving the adhesive quickly. It also has a lovely lemon scent to enjoy while you wait!

To effectively utilize the illumino trifect kit system for lash cleaning and preparation, begin by assessing the need for our makeup remover. If your client has stubborn makeup that's challenging to remove, it's advisable to start with this step. Following the makeup remover, proceed with our cleanser. Depending on the extent of makeup coverage, you may need to cleanse two or three times to ensure a thorough cleanse. Next, apply the stabilizer. You can choose to treat the extension base before your client's appointment, allowing it an hour to dry completely. Alternatively, you can apply the stabilizer directly to their natural lashes, but be prepared to use a mini handheld heater fan to expedite the drying process. Our stabilizer is vital for achieving the correct pH balance, promoting extended lash longevity and preventing unsightly glue whitening upon drying. Finally, employ our lash prep in the third step.  This product effectively removes excess oils and dirt, enhancing glue retention and bolstering the adhesive's durability.

1 × Lash Stabilizer

1 × illumino® Lash Prep

1 × Lemon Sorbet Cream Adhesive Remover

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