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Your essential volume tweezer for the thinnest lash diameters.

  • High quality, durable
  • Ideal for mega volumes
  • Crane-shape head picks up narrowest lash diameters easily (up to .03mm)
  • Counter-balanced wing tip (Patent Pending) prevents hand fatigue 
  • Lightweight Japanese steel for corrosion resistance
  • Length 115 mm

Introducing our premium volume tweezer, the ultimate tool for achieving flawless lash extensions even with the thinnest lash diameters. Crafted with precision and care, this tweezer is a testament to high quality and durability, ensuring it stands the test of time in your lash artist toolkit. Ideal for mega volume lash applications, its unique crane-shaped head is designed to effortlessly pick up even the narrowest lash diameters, as thin as .03mm.

What sets it apart is the innovative counter-balanced wing tip, a Patent Pending feature that prevents hand fatigue during those long and intricate lash sessions, allowing you to work with precision and comfort. Crafted from lightweight Japanese steel, this tweezer not only offers exceptional performance but also boasts corrosion resistance. At a length of 115mm, it’s the perfect companion for lash artists seeking perfection in every application.

Elevate your lash game with the essential volume tweezer you’ve been waiting for.

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