Tweezer Ergonomics for Hand Health

Tweezer Ergonomics for Hand Health

The ergonomics of how to hold your eyelash tweezers can save your hands and your career!

You should sit up straight and not be hunched over for optimal ergonomics.

How Do I hold my lash tweezers?

Ergonomics are important to pay attention to from the way you sit, your head position, and even how you hold your tweezers. This knowledge could even save your career!

One of the worst explained topics in the world of lash extensions is ergonomics. It’s a word we all know, and we understand that it’s important, but most people don’t really think about it or pay attention – until it starts to hurt. Ergonomics is a huge deal for keeping your body in working order and avoiding extended damage. Most people know this when it comes to taking care of your spine, but did you know that it’s also immensely important for your hands? It’s true! And it’s all about holding your lash tweezers the right way.


Why is this important? When you apply lashes, you work long hours doing small, repetitive motions with your hands, and that can cause them to hurt quickly if you’re not holding your tweezers properly. illumino’s own Soo-Jin Yang knows the importance of ergonomics firsthand. She almost had to give up on being a lash artist because her thumb and forearms were hurting her so bad, and she wasn’t sure why. She ended up having to go to an Occupational Therapist who asked what she did for a living. When told, she asked Soo-Jin to bring in her tools of the trade, and then showed her what she was doing wrong and how to hold her tweezers correctly to save her hands and her career.

Holding your eyelash tweezers like this can damage your hands over time. Your pointer finger should not be doing the work.

This is the proper way to keep your hands healthy. Notice she is using her middle finger to squeeze the tweezer.


How do you know if you hold your eyelash tweezers properly? Pick up your tweezers like you’re going to work on a client and look at where your fingers are. You don’t want to be holding them like a pencil, but you instead want to have your thumb on one side of the tweezer, and your middle finger on the other side. Then in this position you want to be squeezing the tweezer with your middle finger (your ring finger may move too, that’s normal!), trying to keep your thumb still, and bracing the tweezer while your middle finger does all the work. This might be uncomfortable for you at first, but you can practice this motion while you relax in your day-to-day life, like while watching TV, and it could save your hands!


The knowledge of how to hold her eyelash tweezers properly prolonged her lash career. Soo-Jin was then able to implement that knowledge into her design for the Lynk-Gel Device. The Lynk-Gel Device is built to be ergonomic and comfortable for the long hours a lash artist works. Your middle finger presses on your isolation tweezers, and your thumb is supporting the other side of your isolation tweezers, holding it, and the device, steady.


Using the Lynk-Gel Method will not only help your hands by creating the perfect way to hold your tweezers in an ergonomic fashion, but it will also speed up your service while giving you the best retention possible. A faster service with less time holding your tweezers means that you can take more time to yourself, or even squeeze in more clients – it’s up to you!

All illumino tweezers are made with a wingtip on the end to balance their weight and make them more comfortable for using for long periods of time. They also come with a replacement program!
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